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Rasmussen's "scientific" methodology for polling

"For Rudy Giuliani Press 1

For Fred Thompson Press 2

For Mitt Romney, Press 3

For John McCain, Press 4

For Mike Huckabee, Press 5

For a list of other candidates, Press 6"

Yeah that's real scientific. Ron Paul and his campaign should mention it more, as the MSM starts off every piece about Ron Paul quoting his low numbers in pathetic biased polls like the Rasmussen.

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I miss golf.. yeah i've had fun helping Dr. Paul this summer.

"we fear change, especially nickels"

"we fear change, especially nickels"

Get A Laugh

Get a Laugh reading this.. Below


Dont pay attention to the

Dont pay attention to the top results. Look at the results below that, the ages.

This poll was most likely done during the day by telephone

My Analysis:

40% are 18-44 yrs old
60% are 45+

18-29 11% they use caller ID "if" they have a home phone "IF"
30-44 30% not only do I use caller ID, I dont answer even if I know the person calling. the remainder of the group will answer if its a drug dealer or its about thier welfare or unemplyment check because actual un-employment is at about 12% :)

45-64 33% These are Baby Boomers, who are slight techies still like to party Wed, Fri & Sat or retired early because they had a job that still offered a valid retirement plan. It also inlcudes the Welfare State people and the unemployed thinking its a job offer. It isnt, there are no jobs..

65+ 26% They still are using rotary phones, think calculator is a modern Computer and were floored at the invention of hearing aids. They also think Caller ID is the ID they give the guy on the Lawrence Welk show who sounds out the calls for the Square Dancing jig.

Yeah Yeah YEAH... I know, you are in one of these age brackets.. Do you really think I am talking about you? Your on this site, so obviously Im not.. And my Dad is 78, sits at home on his computer and plays simulated slot games. He wont answer a phone if he doesnt know who it is.. and Yes.. He still watches Lawrence Welk On some stupid channel that shows that crap... Wonder what thier nielson ratings are for that show 200 people?


50 yo/ baby boomer

I'm in the 50 y/o baby boomer group (retired too).

My golf game has been off all summer so I decided to do something worthwhile and join this campaign. No partying for this old head-banger hippie any more. Weed makes me too sleepy, beer gives me gas and I'm not much on vino. I wish they'd give me a call! It would be a change from being a wise-ass to the telemarketers that do call.

Today I have cruised the net, dropping my great RP talking points and stirring up the poop on several sites for a few hours. Made a little RP sign for my dogs collar and took him for a walk around the 'hood passing out a few RP flyers.

I'll be going to my first meetup next week. I'm still waiting for all of the RP gear I ordered off of his site last week. I've picked up some great covert-ops ideas for my 200 slim jims I have ordered. Gives me an excuse to get into a little mischief again. AND I have found this site to be very addictive! This is the first campaign in my 30 years of voting that I have been this fired up over a candidate!

Hangin' out with you young folks is fun, is inspirational, is educational and is puttin' a little spring in my step.

And so it goes.....


Well,, YEEE HAAWWW as we

Well,, YEEE HAAWWW as we say in the south.. Not far behind you in age. As for me? This is the first time in my life I have ever completely supported any candidate. I was just 15 When Reagan took office. I have no choice but to support RP, I have not heard of anyone in recent history that even came close to saying what he is saying.. Hope you get your swings, chips and putts back soon..