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What has Edward Snowden actually revealed?

I am amazed at how long this carrot and stick routine has kept so many otherwise intelligent people occupied. What has been revealed? That the NSA collects info on our communications? That we spy on other countries? Who didn't know that already? Every time some useless nothing piece of information is "revealed" it's always with the promise of something bigger, but it's been going on for quite a while now and still nothing. At what point do discerning adults start questioning the authenticity of the whole story?
As they say in Missouri, "Show Me"! Until then, I maintain that this entire Snowden thing is a charade.

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The public dissemination of

The public dissemination of the FISA court ruling alone has presented the ACLU and other parties with much stronger grounds for standing in court for specific damages to challenge these secret powers and practices. Your thread is hand-wavy and uninformed.

The court ordering its own decision declassified gives ACLU

Hope, not standing. Yahoo asked them to release and declassify information that supported the constitutionality of the program and they agreed. What will come will be something that everyone in the media will accept as sound reasons to spy on Americans.
I have been hand-wavy and uninformed about so many of these flash in the pan stories, but I have rarely been wrong. I will admit I was wrong if it turns out to be the case.