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Will Dr. Paul Broun be the next Rand Paul?

Last week I had the opportunity of sitting down with Dr. Paul Broun (R-GA). He held a fundraiser at the home of Star Parker in the Los Angeles, California. Living up near Sacramento it was a few hundred miles to go see the Congressman, but I went knowing he was traveling the two-thousand mile trek from Georgia. The event was small, I was one of the ten invited to a small wine tasting before the main event and the larger event was about thirty at most.

This meant that we had the opportunity to ask him about his positions, his views on current events, and get answers that were a bit deeper than the usual question and answer session. He touted his endorsement from Dr. Ron Paul and his record in the House of Representatives. Dr. Broun was a staunch ally of the Texas congressman's legislation to audit the Fed and He went on to be the lead sponsor of an identical bill.

It was strange at first to think of a man running for U.S. Senate traveling to California. Here in California, we are represented in the U.S. Senate by Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein, two of the most toxic lawmakers in the history of that legislative body. I wish we had someone in California like Dr. Broun to run against them, Georgia is truly blessed. But Broun was campaigning under the idea that the U.S. Senate is now a national race. Consider what Senator Paul from the state of Kentucky has done or Ted Cruz in Texas. They have the ability to transform the national debate and build liberty-minded issues into legislative realities.

The future of the liberty movement depends on pushing our rockstars up into higher positions of leadership. Simply being a U.S. Senator is more highly regarded than a member of the House of Representatives. This is largely because there are fewer senators and they usually represent a larger number of voters. If we send Dr. Broun to the U.S. Senate we can count on his unyielding commitment to the principles of liberty. Also, as we move forward in considering candidates for President in this election and the ones beyond it, we should keep in mind that far more senators have been nominees for the presidency than representatives. Building our Liberty farm team requires us to build that team closer to the top, too.

The event was hosted by and at Star Parker's home. I've been a longtime fan of Parker, she is a syndicated columnist with the Scripps News Service and you've probably seen her pieces for TownHall. She describes the congressman as her friend and someone who she is excited to support. Dr. Broun has used Parker's work to combat Obamacare often recommending Star's anti-socialist book, _Uncle Sam's Plantation_.

With the way the United States Senate is split today, 52 Democrats against 46 Republicans, one senator is a big deal for those of us who love liberty. Rand, Broun, Cruz, and Lee can be the game changers on every close vote. The establishment Republicans will depend on this liberty-bloc to get anything they want passed. This means that the Republicans won't be seeing any expansion of corporate welfare or nation building pass the Senate with Broun in office. More Mr. Smith style statesmen like Dr. Broun may even mean more filibusters. When we look at how fractured Mitch McConnell's Senate Republican Caucus is -now is the time to show losers like John McCain and Lindsey Graham the door. Electing the congressman from Georgia will also mean that the Democrats will have some votes to worry about. Unlike squishy Republicans, this Liberty-bloc will not cave under pressure to support new taxes or spending.

The senate is sick. Is there a doctor is the house? Yes, Dr. Paul Broun.

Steve Macias is the chairman of CherishPAC and Vice President of the California Republican Assembly. He is a regular contributor to the Kuyperian Commentary at http://www.kuyperian.com .

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Reagan 3.0? Someone who speaks libertarian rhetoric but doesn't follow through?

Oh, gee golly gosh, Rand want's to cut gov't spending 1%/year for 5-6 years! Wow! That'll get us right out of this hole, just like the sanctions on Iran he voted for will stop them from building a non-existent nuke.

Salvation will not be found through politicians and government.

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Paul Broun the next Rand...?

You mean a watered-down commercialized version of
what we all hoped would be real principles?...
A quasi-neocon, a "not-quite..." like Rand...?

Poll for Paul Broun and TMOT

Latest Poll has Phil Gingrey first with 25%, Paul Broun second with 19%, Jack Kingston third with 15%, Karen Handel fourth at 13%, David Perdue fifth at 5%, Derrick Grayson sixth with 3%, and Eugene YU seventh with 0%.


Wish I heard about the event

Wish I heard about the event ahead of time. Dr. Paul Broun carries his constitution on the floor of the House. Broun considers re-election in his votes, but otherwise, was the other Dr. Paul in the House.

Next time?

We plan to invite Dr. Broun out for another event, send me an email (see my signature).

He had his Constitution on him at the event, even whipped it out to answer a few questions. Classy.

Armed In the Holy Cause of Liberty,

Steve Macias

As per the title of this thread....

"Will Dr. Paul Broun be the next Rand Paul?"

"the next Rand Paul"????

You know Rand has only been an elected official less than 3 years, right? He didnt exactly blaze the trail he travels on.

His filibuster rocked the

His filibuster rocked the entire political world, trail blazer? you bet he is!

His Filibuster was a good

His Filibuster was a good show and a good opportunity to make valid points to the public, and in some ways he did.
Again, Im not bashing Rand but he has been in office for less time than Obama has been President. A Republican standing strong against a Democrat administration is just business as usual.

What if there had been a Republican President in office? (And I know he has criticized his own party too)
What if it were a Republican President that Rand had endorsed, Knowing that the policies were exactly the same, if not worse than the Democrat President he rails against?

Would he rail?

Time will tell what kind of man he is, I just dont think that time has come yet. If anything, he has had it easy so far.

Blaze He did.

We Liberty-minded Americans have few heroes in the Senate. Mike Lee was elected the same year as Paul, then Cruz, and hopefully now Broun.

Rand Paul blazed the way to the mainstream for Libertarian-Republicans in the Senate.

Armed In the Holy Cause of Liberty,

Steve Macias


By "Libertarian-Republicans", I assume you mean the same type of people (citizens) who would follow advise like - "Rage against the machine and Vote for Gingrich". People who probably thought RP was an "unelectable kook" and might have agreed with him on everything but his "foreign policy", because as you know "Iran is the biggest threat to world peace"! <-sarcastic

Sure, Rand has appealed to "mainstream", tea party types especially, but so have idiots like Palin, Bachmann, and the like. Hell, even Beck and Hannity are mingling with that label nowadays and I doubt its because of Rand.

Im not trying to bash Rand, but again, he hasnt blazed s**t.

Respectfully Disagree

Rand's presence in the Senate has helped with the PR of the Liberty movement, which helps new guys get elected.

He didn't create the movement, but he's helping it grow in the Senate. Which is my point.

Would Ted Cruz have scored his Texas seat against Dewhurst without him?

The pundits used to say liberty candidates couldn't win Republican Senate seats, now we have several and are lining up one more. This is good - even if it's not Rand's doing.

Peace and Blessings!

Armed In the Holy Cause of Liberty,

Steve Macias

lining up TWO more,

Greg Brannon in North Carolina, IF he wins his primary and defeats Hagan in the general election, he will probably be the best US Senator period, he Broun, and Cuccinelli for Virginia Governor, are probably the most important statewide candidates this year.


I hadn't been following Brannon- but I will look him up! Good news!

Armed In the Holy Cause of Liberty,

Steve Macias


We wrote in Ron Paul, Gary North told us to.

Armed In the Holy Cause of Liberty,

Steve Macias

Gary North

My parents were big fans of Gary Norths newsletter in the pre internet days, do you know him or are you just subscribers?

You have to be joking

this guy denies evolution


Evolution is a myth. A racist myth. Darwin taught eugenic-based white superiority.

Has anyone even bothered to read Darwin's evolution manifesto, "On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life."

If there was ever a time when there was nothing, what would there be today?

Armed In the Holy Cause of Liberty,

Steve Macias

You are right,

Alex Jones covers that in his movie "Endgame Blueprint For Global Enslavement"


pardon me.. I have to laugh.

Ron Paul doesn't even believe in Evolution. Some times I wonder who is really on this site.

This is called the Daily Paul but some times it sure seems like the dailytrolls.




would you rather have a politician that "Evolves" or an Honest too God patriot? :)

So does Ron Paul, do you

So does Ron Paul, do you still want him for Prez in 2016 :)

What does that have to do with a person's

political ideology?

I'm a georgia

cracker . all over this Broun ain;t no clown !

Yes, if he can win the

Yes, if he can win the nomination, get behind him Georgia!