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I have listened to this twice and think it might be good 'food' for the Liberty Community at this time.

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This is the most inspiring video I've seen in a long time

It has given me some peace. Thank you for posting. Too bad it isn't getting viewed more. Cleaning up my house, cleaning up my diet, getting prepared.

Yes I found it inspiring as well.

Also I think it represents something significant has happened and there is an explosion of truth in the making.

Found it interesting that the dailybell is ceasing to update as well.


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I'm an atheist.

But I like this man and what he says. I see the religious references merely as a means for him to communicate his beliefs from his own frame of reference.

I haven't seen anything else he has done, so that is NOT a blanket endorsement at ALL. But if they all are similar in nature as this video, then I like him.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Thanks Wolf

Here is his youtube channel that I've only discovered this year. He doesn't preach any dogma and seems to have a large areas of study that he draws his conclusion from.

I changed the heading in an effort to get more people that are quickly drawn to catching an young boy doing whatever. I really hope we regain our humanity.


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Viewing habits on the DP sometimes perplex me.

The video of the kid dancing like a gay pop star get's a flurry of attention but this, nothing.

For all of the cries about sleepers and being awake around here... sometimes I wonder.

I get the fact that we need some entertainment with our drama, so I am not condemning that, but I do find it sad sometimes.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

I understand what you are saying.

I made a decision yesterday to try to limit my posts to subjects on Principle.

For one, I find them more interesting, and also people can unite on principles. Issues often bring in emotions that hijack arguments.