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L.A. "Bash" Mobs

Long Beach Residents Warned About Friday ‘Bash Mob’

LONG BEACH (CBSLA.com) — Officials in Long Beach are warning residents about a planned ‘Bash Mob’ potentially planned for Friday afternoon.

In a ‘Bash Mob,’ an unruly but organized crowd — sometimes as many as 100 people — race through the streets committing thefts, petty crimes, assaults and property damage.


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This is what happens to a

This is what happens to a state full of pussies who wave the rights.

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Synonym definition:

Synonym definition:

Clusters of filthy worthless little beggars-of-the-state c.u.nts, pussies, and wanna-be (or real) bullies - and potentially of all colors, by the way, really doesn't matter - who would never dare to engage in a one-on-one bare fist fight with you - thus, without them : having some weapon AND you're outnumbered AND unarmed AND/OR taken by surprise - as prerequisites.

Hence their multitudes, hence the pipes, broken glass, knives, or stolen guns they don't go out without.

They breed everywhere socialism itself grows, not just here.

But Amerika sure has a promising potential for their kind to spread and dwell longer and longer, broader and broader.

"Cope with them."

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It's seems to be happening

in various towns. San Bernardino last night.