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Help with Letter to the Newspaper!

Hello, my name is Mike and I'm a former State House candidate in North Dakota from 2012.

Nowadays, I still stay involved, haven't given up the fight, as none of us should... One of the things I like to do is vent out to the local newspaper any time the collectivists dictate their wills on all of us.

I need your help! I plan on writing an op-ed on a local issue. Namely, our town (home of University of North Dakota) is a college town that... likes to drink (surprise!). So now, college and government officials got together and want to look at impacting the culture by legislation.

Smoking anywhere by and in public buildings is already banned, now they want to crack down on alcohol.

This is the letter I'm responding to - http://www.grandforksherald.com/event/article/id/268738/

Can you guys give me some tips and ideas on how to best represent individual freedom on this matter, how the concept of individual responsibility means nothing to our... "authorities"?

Please let me know, I'd love to hear your thoughts and we can craft a laser-guided awesome answer, together!



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"Topics such as possibly limiting drink specials, capping liquor licenses and increasing liability for alcohol providers were brought forward by people attending those meetings."

All absolutely fruitless considering people already "pre-game" it as they pointed out in the article. They'll just "pre-game" it a little more.

What's funny is all of their legislative ideas presented would really benefit established bars that already do high volumes of business. (Words like "corporate welfare" could go a long way.)

It's an issue of culture. Parents do not teach kids about alcohol or how to enjoy it responsibly.. thus the nanny state kicks in claiming to be the benevolent party. But that's where the education has to begin.

Fact is, anything in their power will not solve a thing. People will just work their way around it as they would if you put a box in the middle of a busy side walk. But it WILL serve to further restrict business as there will no doubt be heft fines conjured up and law enforcement will be further diverted from perusing actual criminals.

Just some ideas.

Do it like Ron and Rand Paul

Say everything with calm, concise, non-inflammatory words. Ron Paul blew everyone's mind in the debates when he was pressured by others on his ideas and he responded so civilly and intelligently and they couldn't respond in kind. Write your letter and then ask if you could say anything with more clarity and less emotional content.




Don't exert the energy

to refute idiocy...let the morons drool over their cleverness in counterproductivity and brazen imbecility.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

that's the worst advice I've

that's the worst advice I've ever heard, to assume that using our voices mean nothing at all and to just give up. good idea

With pleasure...

I would write:

Please define specifically "high-risk alcohol use."

I was unaware that low-risk alcohol use existed. The report from the Grand Forks Herald reported, "...about 25 percent of college students report academic consequences of drinking including missing class, falling behind in coursework, failing exams and receiving lower grades."

Will any type of ordinance prevent these adults from drinking? I doubt it.

If these students recognize ill effects from their alcohol consumption upon their studies, isn't it their personal responsibility to take action to correct the problem? Alcohol is not an illegal substance. What if crack users began reporting that their grades were failing due to crack use? Would you pursue policy to make crack more illegal?

Millions of Americans have taken responsibility for their own actions up until this point. Should the implementation of new laws be necessary because irresponsible students cannot take the initiative to correct their own, admittedly self-destructive actions? If middle schoolers complained that a local video arcade was interfering with their grades, would the state or community consider shutting down the arcade?

This is ridiculous. By taking legal or regulatory action, we are teaching these students that they have NO responsibility for their own actions - that the state, if a problem arises, will pass a law or ordinance that will provide guidance. It seems personal responsibility has become void - a thing of the past. Does this community plan to be a nanny to these adults in perpetuity?

Policies such as "limiting drink specials, capping liquor licenses and increasing liability for alcohol providers" were mentioned. These "solutions" don't even address the "problem" of "pre-gaming" - which cannot be controlled by any reasonable restriction on local alcohol retailers. Besides, it has already been admitted that, "We do understand that alcohol is a legal product. Our private sector — as well as many of our residents’ livelihoods — is dependent on it."

Short of prohibiting alcohol altogether - which has already been deemed unacceptable - other "solutions" will fall short of preventing the problems discussed. Saying otherwise is simply political posturing that will have no effect besides creating unnecessary burdens on local businesses while teaching our young adults that they bear no responsibility for their own actions.

If a student drinks and fails because of it, maybe he or she should make the decision to avoid similar behavior in the future. Your suggested policies are detrimental to teaching personal responsibility.

May the nanny state soon die.

I would take another

I would take another tack.

College is for building the skills for a successful life. Encouraging students to drink responsibly, as long as the costs for the campaign aren't excessive, is a good thing. Restricting students from drinking only reduces that opportunities for teaching them how to deal with temptation, overcome social anxieties without inebriation, and refrain from using any type of food, drink, drug, or activity to excess. As with any vice, banning or restricting it often tends to encourage young people to rebel and use it more. Giving them knowledge on how to safely drink alcohol and to learn discipline and pride through its responsible use will do more to curb drinking long-term than any other means.

Thanks DWalters, that was

Thanks DWalters, that was really well written. I will definitely take in your points.

Thank you for running

Thank you for running

Ron Paul on his son Rand Paul:
"he does a lot of things similarly, but I think he does everything better. Than I have done over the years,"



bumping from an unseen direction

that you are so unprepared for. Left? Right? Ordinals or cardinals? GPS coords? Your insidious ipad which is probably giving you brain cancer or reprogramming your mind to alien control waves. Look none of my ideas are the point here and just because I support this individual don't mean they approve of me or my values.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.





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