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Join Us This National Awareness Day on August 5th!

August is awareness month and we will be having our annual march to raise awareness and discuss strategies for promoting empowerment this coming 5th.

We encourage everyone concerned to participate by wearing orange bracelets and wearing orange, and organizing with your community throughout August.

Research has shown that nearly two-thirds of the public knows little or nothing about our efforts to raise awareness. You can help change that in your community this August 5th.

We have many activities taking place nationwide throughout the month, and encourage others to do the same and get involved.

Participate by wearing orange bracelets and clothing, prominent and proudly, and encourage friends to do the same on this day and tell people why.

Sign our petition asking for support in funding further awareness research and fundraising efforts.

Distribute wristbands to friends.

Tell your Facebook friends and followers it’s Awareness Month.

We are supporting 13 joint programmes with a broad fundraising effort to promote awareness internationally and overcome obstacles to progress for all people.

These efforts contribute to promoting empowerment by adopting a more comprehensive approach that addresses issues of access and guarantees opportunities to achieve empowerment through awareness of the underlying challenges to progress.

On National Awareness Day, we pose the big questions. How far have we come? Recent statistics demonstrate that there is still a visible disparity between awareness and advancement toward empowerment throughout society.

This highlights the need to undertake long-term initiatives to execute campaigns and programs that increase awareness and promote of empowerment at every level of the community.

Don't sit on the sidelines!

Join us August 5th! Wear Orange to demonstrate your support!


Tweet hashtag #InernationalAwareness to show your support.

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bump for awareness day. get

bump for awareness day. get dem colored bracelets on and march somewhere.

Master Pretzel Twister

awareness bump

awareness bump

Master Pretzel Twister

Agi, Dios Ko!