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Remembering Obama's Very First Scandal - Digital TV

If you are lucky enough not to own a television you probably have forgotten, or were barely even aware of the switch to digital tv signals originally scheduled for February 17, 2009. Or the delay in the transition until June 12 of the same year due to general ineptitude:

House votes to delay digital TV transition

The House voted Wednesday 264-158 to delay the analog TV shutdown until June 12.

The nation was two weeks away from the original date of Feb. 17 for the digital transition, allowing broadcasters to replace analog TV signals with digital ones.

But the Obama administration and many Democrats asked for the delay, saying millions of people are not ready for the switch. The bill, already approved by the Senate, now goes to the president for his approval, considered a given. Still to be resolved is the funding needed for more coupons to help consumers offset the cost of converter boxes. That issue will likely be considered as part of the economic stimulus legislation...


Or the borderline scandal surrounding the direct transfer of $1 billion in 'federal' money to the manufacturers of the conversion boxes in the form of discount coupons:

Billion-Dollar Coupon Program to Usher In Digital TV

The Department of Commerce's National Telecommunications and Information Administration is setting aside close to US$1 billion to help consumers who will be forced to migrate to digital television after Feb. 17, 2009 -- when analog broadcasting is scheduled to cease...


No, we should not forget. We should never forget.

The next time you see an old-fashioned analog tv set on the curb, waiting to be stripped of its copper and dumped into the local water supply with its lead and rare earth metals, stop and tape this sign to the screen:

"Worked great until June 12, 2009."

And having done that please return to this thread and tell me: Was the switch to digital TV Obama's very first scandal?

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It was a worldwide transition that governments got involved in/

orchestrated. I have noticed a marked decline in intelligent discussion about anything since then and still think there was something much more sinister about the whole thing. Did the governments of the world care when I switched from cassettes to cds? Nope. VCR to DVD? Nope. Dial-up to cable? Nope.
But for some odd reason, the governments of the world were intimately involved in people's switch from regular tv to digital tv, why?
I have never owned a digital or flat screen tv and don't plan on ever getting one. My old tv is probably 20 feet under the county landfill by now.
I get downvoted for saying tv is bad and watching it causes problems, but watching tv is bad and it causes problems. Next time you (not you, chris, the general "you")turn on the tv, thank your government for assuring your picture quality is good and that you are getting the right programming.

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That's exactly it. I prefer to fill my brain (a computing device) with more accurate programming that is closer to the truth than what I used to see on TV shows. I stopped over a year ago, with only a few instances since (generally when at a restaurant, doctor's office, etc).

One possible reason is as mentioned, the ability to digitally replace footage while streaming. Another could be that the devices in our homes now spy on us, and it's better (for them) to have a higher-bandwidth channel to carry the images and sounds of your household, your children, your pets. It's fairly sickening to think of, but then no mass surveillance system could survive under its own weight, so I just want to keep out of the way of this one while it comes crashing down.

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List of scandals -- some before inauguration

Perhaps the digital TV scandal should be added here:


Association with Tony Rezko

Tony Rezko is a former engineer, real estate developer, and businessman who is now in prison on for wire fraud, bribery, money laundering, and attempted extortion as a result of a federal investigation known as "Operation Board Games". Mr. Rezko's businesses were in the district that Barack Obama represented when he was a State Senator for Illinois. Accusations have been made concerning contributions made to the Obama campaign. There is also evidence that the house Barack O ...

Could be worthy of its own post.


Daily Paul cured my abibliophobia.

Digital TV sucks.

You can hardly watch a movie without pixilation occurring at some point or the sound being off from the video. The signal is either working or not with no real in between. All things considered I say it is worse but it is at least no better than analog.

SO, why the MANDATORY switch? Why couldn't the free market determine what signal people wanted to utilize? I have a theory. Conspiracy of course. :-)

Editing live TV signals. With analog if you want to edit then you have to go through a process of splicing or redubbing but with digital signals editing can be done on the fly.