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Casual sex leads to anxiety, depression

University students, who engage in casual sex - having intercourse with someone whom you have known for less than a week -suffer from higher levels of general anxiety, social anxiety and depression, researchers have claimed.

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In a compartmentalized world, casual sex may be the best option.

Intense relationships of short duration is the new normal in a world where multitasking is now the standard. Over half of all marriages end in divorce so "serious sex" (if there is such a thing) also has its problems.

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So does "not having a job"...

So does: not having a job, being sick, moving away from loved ones, etc.

As long as the casual sex is between consenting parties and nobody is mislead into the act, everything should be fine. Have fun.

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I stopped having casual sex

I stopped having casual sex after meeting someone I really liked.

I haven't been able to have a sexual relationship with anyone since.

I fell in love, had my heart broken and now find it very difficult to seek anyone else.

And that's the problem with, "casual sex." At first it's great, but then you find out how much you've been hurting other people once you get hurt yourself.

I don't want to have casual sex anymore because I know it is eventually going to emotionally hurt someone in a way that I feel now.

There's sex and lust, but then there is love - something beyond where the grass is always greener.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

What if you've known them more than a week?

I agree with the comment below stating that no causal relationship has been found with this study. It just so happens that such a large amount of young people in our cultural system experience depression and anxiety that you could say anything they do causes depression. Living in profoundly irrational, unintelligent, un-humanist cultural system causes me anxiety. It happens that people with anxiety will try many things to alleviate it, including casual sex, drugs, etc. Don't blame the sex or the drugs. Somewhere within each person is a problem that needs to be examined. Sometimes the compulsive engagement of activities such as sex or drugs is an attempt to avoid dealing with it. The movie I Heart Huckabees comes to mind (how am i not myself?)

I feel a little depressed now from learning this

I thought I was doing pretty good in college with having sex with women I hadn't known for more than a week (or a day in most cases), but I never got anxious or depressed so I must not have been getting as much as I could have.
On the flip side, I can recall that when I lived in the dorms that it was fun to open our door early on Saturday/Sunday morning and watch the disheveled girls going home from whatever room she spent the night in. We called it the "walk of shame". The look on many of their faces lends credibility to this study. Perhaps they mostly interviewed girls. Beer goggles work both ways; I can imagine that Cameron Diaz waking up with Danny Devito might feel a bit sad.

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Causal Confusion

It seems far more likely, to me, that they engage in casual sex because they are trying to alleviate some internal pain, depression, and anxiety.

So it might be more accurate to say that "Casual sex won't fix you... but it's fun and won't make you any worse."


The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Exactly what I was going to say

I think they have the cart before the horse... if you have depression, anxiety, ect you may be more apt to look toward casual sex for a feeling of fulfillment.

I agree

It works in the same way a drug does. Well, sex does release crazy endorphins, especially if you are with a new partner, but there has got to be some kind of "evolutionary/instinctual" strain on your psyche if you're having all that sex and not producing any children.

Plus the stress of constantly trying to entertain new women all the time is very stressful.

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Apples and Oranges

If you consider an orgasm to be a drug, and compare a one-nighter to a Doctor prescribed drug treatment, then maybe the problem is with frequency.

Make a one-nighter into a 7-nighter, wash and repeat. Then compare apples against apples (casual orgasms/intimacy against politically correct treatments).

Anyone want to participate in a trial run?

It's for science. No pressure. Casual attire.

In two paragraphs you explained it for free.

I bet the federal government paid a shit load to fund this goofy study. That is how destructive government is.

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.


i'll fix the title for you:

No casual sex leads to anxiety, depression

Tossing in the bullshit flag

Tossing in the bullshit flag on this one.

i call BULL S#!T

casual sex has always been a stress and anxiety reliever for me.....

Perhaps the people they are questioning were to stupid to use protection and suffer from the anxiety of maybe catching the herpagonnasyphlie


Why should it matter to

Why should it matter to anyone if someone is having casual sex. Mind your own business and focus on your own goals in life to improve yourself.

That applies to almost everything that is emotionally intense

"After the lift comes the let down", after winning the game or a championship, maybe a title or a lifetime achievement, several of the astronauts had depression problems after their carriers were over, same thing with the gold metal winners, postpartum depression after a birth, buyers remorse after a financial transaction, it's human nature.

Causational Fallacy...

No causation was really proved here. I find it more probable that people who are depressed will seek solice or joy from physical love, perhaps in an attempt to make up for a lack of happiness or emotional love in their life. Furthermore, if you then base your happiness on the physical act of love you will probably be more anxious as your self-concept is based on successfully performing an act with which half of the people you meet are potential candidates.

Just my take...

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.

I suspect that the "anxiety" &"depression"

were always present. We try to assuage the pain by looking outside of ourselves. We are looking for Love, Appreciation and Approval from someone else instead of finding it within. When the "casual sex" doesn't work to relive the poor feelings we can always try again. And usually with the same result. Then we participate in a study and "discover" that it was the "casual sex" that caused the "anxiety" and now we have a diagnosis and can get some drugs and alcohol to make it all better.



It goes further than this study suggests

This is my personal opinion coming from experience.

Those who engage with many partners not only become depressed, which will make them seek out even more partners to satisfy themselves, but it will ruin them in the long run should they ever try to settle down and raise a family, as the family will not help them feel complete.

Girls who engage in sex at young ages grow up with depression a lot faster and will realize by about age 20 how much they seek and desire attention more than other girls. I've noticed attention whores, sex or not, are being called sluts more and more often.

Guys its not nearly as bad because we have a drive that MAKES us seek sex, but over time it will wear you down, some guys get depressed around 30, most often its 40-50's when they realize they can't stop, or will go through massive depression. Yes guys can be attention whores also.

If you ask me, we are on the upcurve now, more and more girls will begin to wait to have sex until later ages. This also depends of course on location, but I'm speaking of the nation generally as a whole.

I have 10 years studying social science, out in the field, not in a classroom.

are you a licensed therapist?

are you a licensed therapist?


My opinion is my own.

I have run my own case studies, and verified results with multiple people.

I heard the same report about


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Yo dexterszyd. Very Funny. Really

the difference is that with celibacy come no extra mouth to feed or involvement with someone(s) that are not able to meet your needs in anything other than the sex department. It also eliminates the need for the young ladies to sneak around in the middle of the night in a dark alley looking for a way to abort the sex child.

So in summary; it is better to be anxious and depressed alone than anxious and depressed with a child or with someone that is looking for their next date. A date that doesn't involve you. Now that is something to be depressed about.


It all comes from a discipline problem

Men have not been teaching their sons to respect women or to respect themselves.

Celibacy can lead to fornication, which can lead to social problems later on.

Arranged marriages might fix the problem, because it would give people the option of sex at a young age to satisfy their lusts. Really just men teaching their kids how to behave like a real man, or a real woman, could fix it.

Combined with respect and discipline, men(and women) would be satisfied with one partner, because they wouldn't know otherwise.


Its a small price to pay.

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy

reported by

researchers who have little or no sex.

I agree

Because why does almost everyone seem to sneak out in the morning? :P



sexually transmitted disease.

Why is that little consequence always left off the list?

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