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Hillary Clinton leads to anxiety, depression

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Add a small black moustache

and she'd look just like...

Hitlery Rotten Cuntlinton


that picture is the best contraception on earth...

...one look at that picture and nobody could keep their weenie hard.

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy

Darned Straight, Skippy!

The past is littered with old TV commercials advertising toys for children.
"Shrinky Dinks will shrink down to approximately 1/3rd their size."
I found this one posted in 2011.

An old socialist hag with a chicken neck isn't my idea of 'a hot woman'!


Thanks for saving me the

Thanks for saving me the money I would have spent on lunch.



It's amazing what Botox can do!
Ask Nancy Pelosi!


some of the clinton murders


R3ovlUTION charles walker 8322474577

Unless you are an enemy of

the Clinton's. Then of course, Hillary leads to death.

Have you seen the list of Bill and Hitlery's enemies?

Their all dead.

she be one sick woman

Everyone has seen this right?


This video for me and without question allowed me to see the 2 faces of our government.

And of course many people don't see it.

I was visiting 2 friends (husband & wife) 2 nights ago and we were sitting on their front porch. They were just finishing dinner as I arrived. We chatted about their son that is having a difficult time right now with his wife (democrat, and not that it matters) and they have 2 young children. We also talked about the husband's construction of a chicken coop to accommodate the son's 5 chickens.

During the conversation at times the wife would pick up her Apple laptop and get online. Finally I asked "Rosie, what are you looking at". She responded "oh just things". I said "wanna see something". She said "sure". I directed her to the above website and video. She and her husband (good democrats and around 60 years old) watched and I listened to the now familiar words. I watched their faces and noticed their body language. It just could be my imagination and I would say they are now waking up from their dreams and realizing the man behind the curtain is just a man and he has no clothes on.

They will see more of the corruption now as they watch their son get screwed by the system that is staffed by folks that always think is is someone else fault and aren't unwilling to look inside themselves and are more likely to penalize someone else.

And of course the son (who I know well) is married to a woman that is in the social service business and left him and their children and took up with a boyfriend that has now dumped her (after a couple months) and now as predicted she is going to throw her family into the "social service" business.

Hey Bob-45, Weren't we writing about looking outside of yourself for love this very day?