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Voluntaryism & Spontaneous Order Afoot as Detroit's City Government Continues to Fail

Spontaneous Order Experiments Take Hold in Detroit

A number of experiments in spontaneous order are popping up in Motor City, and both the rich and the not-so-rich are pitching in. The Associated Press reports:

"When the system fails us, you have to become the system," said Mitch Logan, a 48-year-old film producer who is part of a self-dubbed "Mower Gang" that mows neighborhood parks after they've finished their own yards.

In addition to the landscaping, a church group is boarding up vacant houses in the Brightmoor neighborhood, one of the city's most distressed, to keep criminals out. And several neighborhoods are now hiring security to patrol their streets, supplementing an undermanned police department.

On the wealthier side, the philanthropic Krege Foundation coordinated with automakers and local businesses to purchase 23 new ambulances and 100 new police cars. Okay, perhaps providing equipment to the municipal government doesn’t fall under cooperative anarchy. But at the rate the city’s going, they’ll probably all be driven by volunteers any day now.

Of course, this is all a drop in the bucket for the city’s problems, but even that much self-management and tiny amount of voluntaryism has Katherine McFate of the Center for Effective Government (read their anti-austerity argument here) worried:

"The idea that we are now outfitting first responders through charitable contributions should be very concerning," she said. "There are certain functions that you want government to perform that should not be at the whim of individuals or charities."

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Where is Walmart?

To save the day?

Surely a dozen new Walmart Super Stores in the city would help imo. This would be the place to build the 'ultimate' Walmart ie. multi-level with swimming pools/tidal pools and amusement park, zoo, movie theatres, indoor golf, indoor soccer, indoor car racing, indoor ferris wheels, indoor roller coaster, indoor horse racing, indoor off leash dog park, an enjoining prison whereby the inmates can work there making products or assembling them, etc. Walmart World I can imagine a structure 2 miles long by one mile wide. :D

Not to mention all the fast food places.

Walmarts and fast foods and wireless internet are the culture of the 21st Century imo.


McFate - properly named I guess...

Distressed that the market can provide services normally "performed" by government. Ha! Meanwhile the government is trying to thwart progress that is outside regulation, like having an unauthorized bench and reading material at a bus stop. Ha!

"We can't be having these people taking care of themselves! We need dependency dammit!"

I just can't believe they would waste resources....

I just can't believe they would waste resources tearing down the benches. Municipal governments are some of the most honest and efficient stewards of the public's tax dollars. I'm sure there will be a good explanation for this.

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!