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The Daily Mirror: UK Ministry of Defense 'STOCKPILING' Ammo

The Daily Mirror: UK Ministry of Defense 'STOCKPILING' Ammo

By Chris Hughes Comments
20 Jul 2013 09:58

They face having to negotiate with suppliers to sell the excess back – the bullets are worthless once they pass their sell-by date

Defense chiefs have wasted half a million pounds on bullets that may never be fired.

They are accused of shooting themselves in the foot by buying about four million rounds of ammunition for the war in Afghanistan next year.

That’s likely to be TWICE as many as needed as our forces gradually hand over security to the Afghans.

Read more: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/ministry-defence-wastes...

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Ammo has a expiration date?


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Perhaps they can sell them overseas...

We have a supply drought here.

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Didn't Piers Morgan Work For The Daily Mirror?

He was charged with "Phone Hacking" Fled the country and CNn hired him.

Says alot for CNN