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Pee Pee-ponics


Just curious to know if anyone is doing this and whether it works. Doesn't make a lot of sense to use potable water when urine can be recycled for this purpose.

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i peeponic

I learned you can do a lot with pee. You can mix Epsom salts in and let it mature. When you let it stew for a long while, filter it with a coffee filter. You will have some high grade phosphorus fertilizer and the effluent discharge is great for hydroponics.

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For what its worth

It looks like he is using his urine to prepare a hay bale for planting. I've heard you really want to let the bales overwinter in order for them to rot and make the nutrients in the hay more available. Apparently, then you have a ready-made raised bed next year with no weeds...
I've looked into using urine as fertilizer (I'll tell why i rejected the idea below), as all the farmers use and recommend "urea" for corn and other crops. This is basically processed animal urine in the form of dry pellets. Then I came across this from Mother Earth News: http://www.motherearthnews.com/organic-gardening/homemade-fe...
Can't beat free fertilizer... I decided to go with the grass tea option. I've been doing it all year and it has been working very well. It is like the fast food version of "chop and drop," in my mind.
If I need to fertilize in a few days, I just spend a good while pulling weeds from my garden, or raking up fresh grass clippings. Put the grass/weeds in a container (5gal bucket) up to 2/3 full, then fill it up with good water. Now let it steep for a couple days(Mother earth news says to steep at room temperature for 3 days - I just steep 48 hours outside because this stuff will get to stinkin).
By the time it stinks up your yard or garage, remove the wet mushy grass with a fork (and to the compost pile) and dilute the tea 1:1 with good water. Pour it on your plants.
I think of it like this: One day weeds are stealing nutrients from my crops. The next day I remove the weeds, giving the plants more access to nutrients, then two days later I fertilize the plants with those very same nutrients which they were previously deprived.

Since ive said as much as I already have, I'll tell you why I don't use urine as fertilizer: Salt. Once you have salt in your soil their is no good way of removing it. Salination of the soil leads to desertification. Irrigation directly leads to salination. Salts from the water are constantly being deposited in the soil, the water evaporates and salination increases. Just look up salination in egypt or mesopotamia/iraq for the long term effects of irrigation. I may seem to be overreacting, but I am fertilizing several acres of crops, and plan on doing so for all my generations to follow.

As an Austrian economist, I look to the long term effects of current actions, not just immediate ones. When I see permaculture people say they fertilize with urine, I hear Bastiat saying, "but that is only what is seen.."

This could be helped by using clean water. Rainwater is distilled/condensed in the clouds. I don't see why we shouldn't model nature and use distilled water when watering and making fertilizer (rainwater of course does pick up contaminants and other things as it falls through the atmosphere, namely chemtrails :) also, you know that plants love all the stuff in the tap water out of your hose).

Wouldn't vinegar or dishsoap

Wouldn't vinegar or dishsoap neutralize the acid in the urine?

im no expert

Let me say that, first. But its not the uric acid thats my problem (thats where all the beneficial nutrients are as far as i know); its the salt content in urea/ urine. Salt cannot be neutralized by anything because it is already neutral, containing no hydrogen ions which allow for acidity/ alkalinity. Pure salt has no ph until you add water(hydrogen). Ive heard of people using vinegar to kill poison oak, but not me - i take my chance and dig the stuff up. Seems like a waste of vinegar to me, when you could be using it to cook and clean with.

Vinegar and salt solution is like round-up

Not quite as long-lasting, but just as deadly.

which makes me think

That urine plus vinegar does not equal fertilizer.

I add it to my compost

Never water with it unless you want nutrient burn. It is good to put around the perimeter of the garden to keep out critters too.

So I've heard, like marking

So I've heard, like marking your territory. That makes perfect sense from the animals' point of view.

Would you still get the nutrient burn if you diluted with used dishwater assuming the soap was organic?

You'd have to try and let me know

I'd mix it with some wood ashes too just to get the big 3 mix. That's why I just mix it in with the compost every now and then.
The dishwater could be a good foliar treatment to keep certain bugs off too.

Much obliged for your answer.

Much obliged for your answer. Was thinking along the lines of pest control as well and will definitely take your advice about the wood ash.

Have you seen this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcdMRSe8o7s

Yes, actually

I know someone to did this - my son, when he was about 8. We homeschool and were studying plants so they both grew their own plants from seed. My young son (who happens to enjoy going "lumberjack style") is a very busy fellow and decided he would pee whilst watering his tomatoes to "kill two birds with one stone". The tomatoes looked fine, the plant seemed fine, but there was no way in hell I was going to eat tomatoes my son had been pissing on for a couple of weeks. :-P

Hopefully your son has grown

Hopefully your son has grown out of this phase. :D

People sure do some weird things to vegetables. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Xc_CXnfy7k


he just turned 13 last week and the "men" in the house pee outside so much my husband has taken to teaching them "outdoor peeing etiquette". He said they were getting downright "barbaric" and needed to "learn some manners" - seriously. In case you were wondering, some of the rules include, never cross streams, don't pee uphill, don't pee too close to the house, tent, car or dog, don't walk through your pee, don't "water" anything with pee...the list goes on but you get the idea. They're cute at that age...

Yes, people do weird things to (and with) their vegetables. ;-)

"Outdoor peeing etiquette".

"Outdoor peeing etiquette".

The things Ann Landers never told us.

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Man Landers could chime-in on this one.

All I can say is, Women don't know what they are missing.

Being able to relieve yourself the instant your body wants to, along with the fresh outdoor air and 360-degree privacy is so refreshing and dare I say, liberating. :)

A simple pleasure.