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Interesting update on Manning trial

Military struggles to support claim of Manning’s ‘disloyalty’; Govt tries to change charge sheet: trial report, day 20

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Manning wanted attention for leaks

This widely reported AP article (link below), begins: "Manning was a traitor with one mission as an intelligence analyst inIraq: to find and reveal government secrets to a group of anarchists andbask in the glory as a whistleblower, a prosecutor said Thursday during
closing arguments." Whistleblower and glory seem a stretch to me. A whistleblower knows that what is done will have severe adverse consequences, not glory. There will be jail time. The prosecutor summarizes the severity of charges with derision, and labels Manning as oath breaker, betrayer of trust, enemy, killer of troops, self centered flag hating hacker, traitor to his land, and secret leaking spy. Trying real hard for a conviction there, soon we'll see what kind of sentence this WHISTLEBLOWER receives, and beyond doubt, he will get more jail time. His information did enlighten an otherwise apathetic public.

Stand At Attention

5 Reasons:

Mr. Coombs, Manning's defense counsel, took the opportunity at a public presentation last December to personally thank those who attend the court proceedings and explain how much it means to him:

"When I’m in the courtroom, I stand up and I look to my right and I see the United States government, the United States government with all of its resources, all of its personnel. I see them standing against me and Brad, and I have to admit to you that can be rather intimidating and I was intimidated, especially when the President of the United States says, “Your client broke the law.” Especially, when Congress members say, “Your client deserves the death penalty.” I want to tell you, though, today as I stand here, I’m no longer intimidated. I am not intimidated because when I stand up, I know I’m not standing alone. I know I’m not alone because I turn around and I see the support behind me. I see members here today in the audience that are there every time we have a court hearing. I see, what now I’m going to affectionately call the “truth battalion,” those who wear… a black shirt, it has the word “truth” on it and they’re behind me. I look there and I know that I also have unlimited personnel and unlimited resources"

The world is upside down.

Lets fix it.

This is getting zero news coverage.

Once again the government is being exposed for the fools they are.

Thanks for the update.


What would the Founders do?

Changing charges?

After all these years in solitary is the prosecution coming up empty handed.

It's simple. Case dismissed!

Free includes debt-free!

Simple For The Complex (Military/Industrial)

Flip --

Heads ... We win.

Tail ... You lose.

The toss is in good hands:

“Her ruling today not only criminalizes an act of conscience by someone seeking to hold those in power accountable to the rule of law,” said Chris Hedges, Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist and author, “but defines such acts of conscience as an act of treason.”

“You can't handle the truth!"

-Jack Nicholson, as Colonel Jessup in A Few Good Men

Message to Military Judge Denise Lind

I'ts a sad commentary on a military that has lost its purpose.

Securing liberty for all is the only general welfare.

Free includes debt-free!

Thanks for sharing...