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Ron Paul - When We Stand Together


I thought I'd seen them all but this one is new to me! The tune really gets you goin'!

Please watch and share`

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A BIG thanks

to whoever front paged this video!

I must have watched it 20 times already!

Ron Paul is My President

Numbers for 'other' do not matter. glenn beck

glenn beck made sure of that.

When I played that 'glenn beck is a rat video', I got my ass handed on a plate.

Thank you for this awesome video. If only the voting population took the time to research things, things would be different.

I will always keep looking for ways to promote Ron Paul and the message :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Me too

as long as I have a breath! :)

Ron Paul is My President

not the candidate..

its the MESSAGE.

and it is timeless.

thanks sunny, i needed that this morning.

yes indeed

and Ron is just a very special super guy too. :)

the tune is quite catchy isn't it?

yeah! yeah! yeah! yeah! yeah!

Ron Paul is My President

methinks this one got buried

so I'm giving it some life.

Ron Paul is My President