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I prefer Reynold (tm) brand

I know this is a convtroversial subject here, but I really have to put a shout out to Reynolds Aluminum. Since I've been using their foil for my hats, I've started to really have some fun. I have debunked some bad sovereign citizen theories, some bad journalism, and even some disjointed high level gibberish, and yet, there ha snot been a single sign that the aliens have been able to read my brainwaves! This would have been unthinkable with hte ordinary store bought generic foil. Oh no - that stuff is bogus. So take it from me, if you want to hide from t he aliens (and not just the grey ones, either, I'm talking the slimy green ones), and gain true truther insight that is truier than other truth, you need high quality name-branded foil., just like the founding fathers used at Plymouth Rock. Not the cheap stuff. Okay, over and out.

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