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Rand would support Sarah Palin for Senate


“From what I’ve heard of Sarah Palin’s positions, there is a great deal of overlap…I’m sure if she were in the U.S. Senate, you’d find her right there with Mike Lee and Ted Cruz and I…”

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Take the time to look at her record and you will cringe.

First of all after what we just witnessed in Tampa, does anybody really believe an election is going to fix anything?

If you do, it is very possible you believe in pixies and leprechauns as well. Feel free to walk into a curtained booth at your local indoctrination center and push the colorful button of your choice on your friendly Diebold screen, click your heels three times and say, "I hope it counts,, I hope it counts, I hope it counts..."

As for Sarah don't waste your time;
You all need to know Palin has a Solyndra and worse. She pushed for the commitment of $500 million of Alaska Money for the boondoggle called AGIA. Look it up. Ask Ralph Samuels (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZzJiqhje-E), Mike Hawker, or Mike Chenault. History has proved them all right and Palin wrong, very wrong, while Alaskans are out a cool 500M. We are not talking about just loan guarantees here.... This was an out right business deal promoted between the State of AK and Trans-Canada Corp. This is a death nail in any election for her. She could not be elected in Alaska again that is for sure. But watch out Arizona she is establishing residency. Want to bet she runs for McCain's current seat to join Dan Quayle's punk porn publishing kid as a neocon duo? You heard it here first.

She may act folksy and conservative on reality tv but, she is not qualified to be much more than a cheerleader. Sorry folks, I like Sarah personally too (raised money for her gov race, you would have too if you knew her predecessor)...

Don't get fooled that she is an fiscal conservative and a deep thinker of any kind. The AGIA fiasco is proof positive she has no real base economic principles.

She has been going to the neocon school since 2008 to learn about the world she was not prepared to enter when thrust on the scene back then. Let's see how she emerges from that corrupt school of thought. I am heartened a bit to see in her face and in her answers to some questions that she is slightly torn between conviction of a true conservative like a Ron Paul and the easy road to a establishment position and a nice paycheck but, I don't put much credence in it.

Mark my words, she will drift with the political wind and right now it is blowing toward us. She should take the check and stick with the other MSM boobs. We should not ever consider electing her again for much more than dog catcher.

In the end one's politics must be based in principle or they can produce no real leadership. Palin still blows in the wind. Ignorance or ambition, I care not which one causes it. AGIA is a big issue that precludes her ever being considered a principled free market conservative.

“Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ― Henry Ford.

Is Sarah Palin Opposed to Obama’s War on Syria?

Is Sarah Palin Opposed to Obama’s War on Syria?
Lew Rockwell on June 15, 2013

Maybe, though who can doubt she would approve a Republican war. But her remark, “Let Allah sort it out,” is at the very least ignorant. “Allah” is Arabic for God. Christian Arabs pray to Allah, too. Unfortunately, she may also mean to echo the genocidal, “Kill them all, and let God sort them out.”

There is little to like about

There is little to like about Palin, but having her creating havoc as a Senator or Congressperson would be too good to pass up. I know she's primarily in the 'Sarah Palin business', but she's better than the alternative...just as long as her designs on running for president are adequately thwarted.

another lesser of two evils argument

...Daily Bell: What do you think of Sarah Palin? On the one hand, it seems to us, she espouses firm free-market beliefs. On the other, she speaks a great deal about patriotism and her support of the military, generally Homeland Security and the various wars on terrors. Isn't this somehow a contradiction?

Thomas E. Woods, Jr.: People like her, I think, because they see in her a normal, plain-speaking American who doesn't gratuitously ridicule what they believe, and because she is packaged as a maverick of some sort. If only she were. At the slightest prompting she immediately adopted the neoconservative line on foreign policy (and in fact she canceled a meeting with representatives of her pro-life constituency during the GOP convention so she could attend a meeting with AIPAC officials). During the campaign she supported the financial bailouts. Oh, but she had to, someone could reply. All right, then what kind of maverick is she?

Well, who else you got?

like Palin has said,

"I'm waiting to see what the lineup might be"

Not perfect but

compared to Santorum, MCCain,Romney, Boener, MCconnel, Linsey Graham, Rubio, Christie, Bloomberg she would be on the side of Paul, Cruz & Lee more often than with the first group.

She is a bridge candidate to Rand Paul the way Rand Paul is a bridge to Ron Paul-not perfect but better than someone on the other side of the river.

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"The other side of the river"

That's a Bostonian saying, isn't it?

neocon tea

There are good things about Sarah Palin, though her downfall was predictable. And now, she wants even more war in the Middle East, this time against Iran. Oh, and less government, of course.

Palin belongs to the religious right. Most of these people see the US military as God’s instrument on earth. Those who resist God can, of course, be secretly tortured, imprisoned, and executed, not to say bombed and occupied, especially if the president is a Republican. She may even want to bring on the Second Coming, as if that were possible, by promoting the end of the world through a last world war — Armageddon. By the way, Gary North is the great expert on the religious right. If you want to learn more, read him.

-Lew Rockwell 2010

UPDATE from Ken Reffner:

Some may doubt your claim that the Religious Right people “see the US military as God’s instrument on earth”. As someone who attends a church that is composed of and run by Religious Right people, I can say that you are exactly correct. In fact, many of them believe the US military is preventing complete chaos and wars from breaking out. As a result, they are delaying the end of the world and the return of Jesus Christ. You can’t make this stuff up! There is a complete reverence of soldiers at church. I would encourage every Second Coming believing Protestant to read Gary’s articles. I learned things about my church’s beliefs that no one ever talks about for obvious reasons.


I would happily take someone from the religious right that supports the constitution and traditional Americanism than some Nutjob atheist who hates the United States and what it stands for.

I feel sorry for the God haters out there.

I haven't been to church since Easter Sunday, yet some idiots out there think if you beleive in God you are religious right.

Palin has traditional values, she an '80s girl, Reagan, Pro American all that stuff and she is rural not from the city.
However, she is nowhere close to Religion and God that the Founding Fathers based this country on, to contrary BS that people try to claim otherwise. I do believe Ron and Rand Paul attend church every week, they both have invoked God and Jesus Christ before, same as Palin, Rand went to Israel, Palin is no war monger.

Palin - "Obama could win reelection if he played the war card and declare war on Iran"

During the 25 minute interview with Chris Wallace, Palin "I got this from Pat Buchanan "

While many mistook Palin's Statement for going to war with Iran, to the contrary, the piece that Pat Buchanan wrote was anti-war with Iran and that Obama would beat the war drums with Iran right before the election to gain himself support.

No doubt Palin is a supporter of Israel, she has become more non-interventionist as time goes by.

Most recently in June 2013, Palin said the US should follow a more non-interventionist foreign policy worldwide, and said the President Obama should move the United States away from any involvement in Syria.

Palin is getting better.

Palin is getting better. Hopefully it is not just opportunism. But I would take an Athiest/Deist like Thomas Jefferson over Fake Christian psychos like Bachmann/GWB, personally.

Ventura 2012

"Nutjob atheist"?

That's a bit of an oxymoron.


Speaking at Alaska’s Fort Wainwright on Thursday, where she hailed the combat deployment of her son’s Army unit to Iraq as a “righteous cause,” Palin explicitly and repeatedly renewed the discredited claim that the invasion and occupation of Iraq was initiated as a necessary and credible response to the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

Sarah Palin Endorses ‘Bomb Iran’
By Daniel Pipes

that's from 2008 and debunked long ago

Here ya go from Palin

Pray that we're on God's side in war; not that He is on ours

Another one of those stories that surfaced early on was that I had been invited to visit Wasilla Assembly of God church to speak to graduates of a missionary program. I asked the congregation to "pray for our military men and women who are striving to do what is right. Also, for this country, that our national leaders are sending [U.S. soldiers] out on a task that is from God." The Huffington Post ludicrously described this as: "Palin painted the current war in Iraq as a messianic affair in which the United States could act out the will of the Lord." In reality, I was invoking Abraham Lincoln's admonition that we should pray that we are on God's side--not that He is on ours.

In addition Palin said the Iraq war was about oil, funny how McCain scolded her for saying it, but she never wavered or backtracked on it.

Before Palin was picked as VP

“I always looked at Senator McCain just as a Joe Blow public member, looking from the outside in,” she said. “He’s been buttin’ heads with Republicans for years, and that’s a healthy place to be.” Then again, on McCain’s signature issue—the prosecution of the war in Iraq—she did not sound so gung-ho. Her son is a soldier, and she said, “I’m a mom, and my son is going to get deployed in September, and we better have a real clear plan for this war. And it better not have to do with oil and dependence on foreign energy.”

After Palin was picked as VP from an interview with Business Week, Palin again said the Iraq War was for oil and we shouldn't be there for that reason.


alex jones

paints a very disturbing portrait of palin.
worth a listen in my opinion.

Alex Jones' own show paints a

Alex Jones' own show paints a disturbing portrait of Alex Jones.

rachel maddow and glen beck

certainly agree with you.

if rand can support romney, i

if rand can support romney, i wont be surprised if he supports any other neocon republicans

Run her against John McCain

If she really believes the stuff she's saying, she would have no problem primarying a liberal hack like McCain.

McCain keeps winning because

McCain keeps winning because of the people who keep voting for him. You can't just swap out Palin for McCain, amusing though that would be.

McCain only Wins

Because they never run a real Republican against him. Let's make this happen.

I'd rather run even a

I'd rather run even a semi-competent Libertarian against him.

McCain wins because the sheeple think he's a

war hero

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

she won't have to

hopefully he'll be dead of old age in 2016.

I would too

I think she might actually believe what she says.
I don't agree with her on everything, but enough that I would vote for her over many others, especially just some progressive who I have basically no overlap with excepting perhaps minor issues that I don't much care about.

We could certainly do better...

but considering the current senators she would definitely be a trade up in just about any senate seat

To be honest

I'd rather see her in the house than the Senate.

I'd love to hear a dissenting voice against Eric Cantor and John Boehner.

I'm not a huge Palin fan, but she's not afraid to question the status quo, and that is always a good thing.

Sarah has come along way

from being under the McCain handlers. Two weeks before the election she started to go her own way, dissing McCain on his support of the bailouts etc.

I have watched her every step of the way and she has come our way on everything from medical marijuana to ending the Fed to ending the corporate and personal federal taxes.

In addition in late 2009, she dumped her McCain foreign policy advisors given to her by the campaign and hired one of the more well known main stream non-interventionist foreign policy advisors for SarahPac. Making statements like "we need to greatly limit our presence around the world for both financial and policy reasons"

She told her supporters to push a Ron Paul supporter for Alaska State GOP chair and she backed our efforts at the 2012 GOP national convention.

She is hated by the GOP establishment more than Ron Paul, I'm in.

I would 100% back her for Senate

Palin splits with Neocon foreign policy advisers

I believe Joeinmo's claim is correct about Sarah Palin. The following is from another thread I replied to in the past on this issue. For the record I would Support, w/ campaign donations, Sarah Palin for Senator from Alaska, and as VP for President Rand Paul.


Palin splits with Neocon foreign policy advisers

As we approach the convention, traffic on the DP is going to climb. Let's put on our suits and tie, or armor of God, or your game face. This is not the time for insulting people that we could be horse trading with in a few days.

I may not agree with all of her positions, but she has been nice to Ron Paul. Least we could do is be cordial in return. She warned the GOP that they can't win without Ron Paul and his supporters. She's right!


History shows she was right.

(A reply to this post noted the date was May 2011 and she went to Israel 2 months before then. I don't care. I want to go there some day too. And if someone wants to shoot the feces about foreign policy I'll bring up the USS Liberty! Done! Game over.)

Never been a fan

of Palin in the past, mainly because of foreign policy. But she has been very good on civil liberties as of late. She sure has a lot of fans.

Something very interesting is shaping up. The neocons are going after the "libertarian wing" of the GOP.

Palin is the sweetheart of Limpballs, Shamnity, Levinstein, and the FAUX crowd in general. If Palin brings her people to the libertarian wing in opposition to the neocons, and "stands with Rand", Cruz, and Mike Lee, then I believe Limpballs and company, come with her.

Something to think about.