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Rand would support Sarah Palin for Senate


“From what I’ve heard of Sarah Palin’s positions, there is a great deal of overlap…I’m sure if she were in the U.S. Senate, you’d find her right there with Mike Lee and Ted Cruz and I…”

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I'd rather run even a

I'd rather run even a semi-competent Libertarian against him.

McCain wins because the sheeple think he's a

war hero

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

she won't have to

hopefully he'll be dead of old age in 2016.

I would too

I think she might actually believe what she says.
I don't agree with her on everything, but enough that I would vote for her over many others, especially just some progressive who I have basically no overlap with excepting perhaps minor issues that I don't much care about.

We could certainly do better...

but considering the current senators she would definitely be a trade up in just about any senate seat

To be honest

I'd rather see her in the house than the Senate.

I'd love to hear a dissenting voice against Eric Cantor and John Boehner.

I'm not a huge Palin fan, but she's not afraid to question the status quo, and that is always a good thing.

Sarah has come along way

from being under the McCain handlers. Two weeks before the election she started to go her own way, dissing McCain on his support of the bailouts etc.

I have watched her every step of the way and she has come our way on everything from medical marijuana to ending the Fed to ending the corporate and personal federal taxes.

In addition in late 2009, she dumped her McCain foreign policy advisors given to her by the campaign and hired one of the more well known main stream non-interventionist foreign policy advisors for SarahPac. Making statements like "we need to greatly limit our presence around the world for both financial and policy reasons"

She told her supporters to push a Ron Paul supporter for Alaska State GOP chair and she backed our efforts at the 2012 GOP national convention.

She is hated by the GOP establishment more than Ron Paul, I'm in.

I would 100% back her for Senate

Palin splits with Neocon foreign policy advisers

I believe Joeinmo's claim is correct about Sarah Palin. The following is from another thread I replied to in the past on this issue. For the record I would Support, w/ campaign donations, Sarah Palin for Senator from Alaska, and as VP for President Rand Paul.


Palin splits with Neocon foreign policy advisers

As we approach the convention, traffic on the DP is going to climb. Let's put on our suits and tie, or armor of God, or your game face. This is not the time for insulting people that we could be horse trading with in a few days.

I may not agree with all of her positions, but she has been nice to Ron Paul. Least we could do is be cordial in return. She warned the GOP that they can't win without Ron Paul and his supporters. She's right!


History shows she was right.

(A reply to this post noted the date was May 2011 and she went to Israel 2 months before then. I don't care. I want to go there some day too. And if someone wants to shoot the feces about foreign policy I'll bring up the USS Liberty! Done! Game over.)

Never been a fan

of Palin in the past, mainly because of foreign policy. But she has been very good on civil liberties as of late. She sure has a lot of fans.

Something very interesting is shaping up. The neocons are going after the "libertarian wing" of the GOP.

Palin is the sweetheart of Limpballs, Shamnity, Levinstein, and the FAUX crowd in general. If Palin brings her people to the libertarian wing in opposition to the neocons, and "stands with Rand", Cruz, and Mike Lee, then I believe Limpballs and company, come with her.

Something to think about.

If she voted with liberty then we need the votes

I don't like her, but she is a shape shifter, and if she shifts to liberty for a term in the senate, that is 1 more vote.

The Establishment GOP hates her. Good enough for me!

They hate Sarah Palin like they hated Ron Paul in 2012. Probably because they can't control either one of them, and both are far more popular than the RINOs the Establishment keeps shoving down our throats.

Sarah Palin stood up for Ron Paul a number of times during the 2012 campaign. They have policy overlap, as Rand said. They apparently can't be bought. I don't agree with Sarah Palin 100%, but I don't agree with Ron Paul 100% either.

Sarah Palin cleaned house when she was governor of Alaska...she did a great job rooting out decades of corruption in the GOP.

I think she'd be a far better Senator than any RINO the RNC would put in there.

"Evil is powerless if the good are unafraid." - Ronald Reagan

Public Relations Consulting

Where did you get that idea?

She didn't become McCain's VP candidate becasue they hate her.

actually Granger

if you follow the whole line, they put Palin in as a last resort to counter the backlash from conservatives in the party for choosing !McCain. McCain never had a chance, when Palin was noinated they jumped into the lead all the way until the day McCain suspended his campaign to vote for the financial bailouts. A week later they were down by 10 points. Palin was an unknown at the time, but her record was clean and her popularity was high in Alaska. Palin is not from an elite family, her and her hubby made $100,000 a year on fishing and pipeline work by Todd, she is an everyday American, and has a couple of school teacher parents.

She went from school board to city council to mayor to state oil and resource commission to Governor fighting the establishment GOP all the way.

Let's look at the politically connected recent VP list and compare.

Nixon VP for Eisenhower
Johnson for Kennedy
Humphrey by Ascention
Spiro Agnew for Nixon (resigned)
Rockefeller by Ascention for Ford
Mondale for Carter
George HW Bush for Reagan
Dan Quale for Bush1
AlGore for Clinton
Dick Cheney for Bush2
Joe Biden for Obama

All politically connected families and all Ultra Weathy Elitist, there is no way Sarah Palin from the Alaska fits the format. If you truly believe McCain was in it to win it, I have all kinds of bridges to sell you for gold. Palin was put in to take her down and the conservative movement at the same time, a truly conservative woman, who could have children, be married, be pro life, be everyday and still become governor. The brainchild of one commie Bill Kristol who never met or talked to Palin before and abruptly dumped her a year after the election after he instigated the media crucifixation of Palin in the media over the crosshairs or bullseyes on a 2010 mid term election map from a SarahPac website. Problem was it backfired. Palin actually caused McCain to lead in the polls, she had 50,000 to 100,000 crowds at her rally's (equal to Obama's) while McCain was getting 3000. Eventually McCain's own handlers helped throw her under the bus, giving her wrong info for interviews and setting her up for that Couric interview without the classic pre screen questions information ALL candidates get before agreeing to being interviewed.

All Intersting stuff for a Governor who was never in the national spotlight prior and on top of that the first woman GOP nominee for VP. Let's see, let's forever try and set what the people think a woman running should be.

Butch hair, pant suits, a wimpy husband, pro-choice, anti-gun, ugly, a woman who got there on the back of a man, think Hillary, oh and most importantly someone who embraces feminism as defined by the liberal left and establishment GOP.

But what does the so called Pro Woman left do, they focus on Palin's body with leg and body shots, they focus on clothing, they focus on shoes, they create look-a-like photos of Palin in Bikinis shooting machine guns on the net, they create porns with lookalikes and make it national news, they focus on everything they supposedly have fought against other people doing. Why? because they absolutely hate the idea of a traditional married women that can have children, cook dinner, look great and still be affective in government and by the way, click off a few rounds with her gun. Oh and they absolutely hate when Palin actually practices what she preaches, how disturbing for the pro murding abortion fanatics to have to go up against a Pro Life woman who actually acts on what she believes in and doesn't abort her Down's Syndrome baby. We don't want young girls looking up to such a person like Palin, they can only look up to women like the fantastic Ambassador killing Hillary.

That's exactly why they hate her.

Rand Paul backed Romney fairly early, Sarah Palin never campaigned for Romney or even endorsed him. At midnight, on election day she posted on her Facebook that we need to beat Obama. Other than Ron Paul, the only other big time politician to not formally endorse Romney.


It's great they put her in from a backlash of conservatives who didn't like McCain.

I believe, many of us are aware that the GOP and Democratic Party have been hi-jacked by a third rail of very active people working to desenfrancise Americans from their republic and give them a global government.

What' I've notced since I've been in the GOP, that is you have a record like Palin's you have a chance to be a congress, senate, governor, because the third rail was too affective outting conservatives.. look at what Ron paul did.. hid under the radar.

And then when he made a run, he was censored. The third rail FEARS people will actually wake up and get in these parties and do something... and they are.. but it's not libertarians.

I do not believe McCain or Romney was in it to win.

Yesterday at my committee meeting, I got into it somewhat with a "controller" who told me the person CA ran for senate was a good candidate.. I let him have it.. and he ignored me after that.. I made my point, and I'm sure he is there to watch me and our Liberty Committee.. His ignoring me didn't stop my conversation with others as our conversation burried his own BS. I then left.

You don't have a bridge to sell me. And, I'm not looking to buy a bridge. I'm looking to OUT this third rail, or swing them to the right.

My dad told me a long time ago, "If you want to get something done, ask a busy person".

Busy people WORK.. my own portfolio is amazing what I have done.. so why would I not put it past Palin? Someone who has free time, is becasue they don't have a work ethic. they work for free time.

Many very powerful people come out of nowhere with nothing.. Hitler is a great example, I'm sorry to say.

I think the so called pro-woman's left ignored Palin and cut her down. I think MSM built her image up and why she went MSM.

Rand Paul's endorsement was not backing Romney. He KNEW his dad was not in it to win. He knew plenty of rEVOLutionaries thought we could BE LIKE RON PAUL and vote for ehoever we wanted.. I didn't even know central committees existed.. loyalty oaths? Rand warned us with his endorsement that the GOP was going to OUT us.

I don't know anyone who supported Romney.

Not sure how old you are

but I have been anti-establishment for awhile. While most of the morons in the US were backing George Herbert Walker Bush in the primaries of 1988, I backed Ron Paul with the LP in the general, then Pat Buchanan in 1992, 1996 in the GOP and 2000 with the Reform Party, I have yet to vote for a Democrat or GOP Presidential candidate since my first vote for President in 1984 - Reagan, it's either been Constitution Party or LP or luckily a write-in for Ron Paul this last time out. However, if Sarah Palin ran against, Clinton, Gore, Kerry or Obama I can assure you it would have been the first time since Reagan I would have voted for the GOP nominee and I think she would have won.

Yes I know than Rand backing of Romney was a political move, he is a chess master at it and is doing well at it.

However, Do not underestimate Sarah Palin, being Governor of Alaska does not automatically thrust you into liberty and patriotic positions, but she is a fast learner, and her upbringing and natural instincts has gravitated her to our side. She does not come from money, she comes from everyday, she goes to the grocery store, she pumps her own gas, she has problems with her children and is open about it. She does not have a pedigree and that's why she connects with everyday Americans who are only the tiniest bit political. The one thing Ron Paul had going for him was his consistency throughout his political career, but unless you were a political junkie some of his stuff never connected with the general public, even though he was absolutely correct, Rand is much better at connecting with the general GOP population, but Palin is better at connecting with the average non political American population. If Rand wants to win over the General Population he needs to be able to connect, like he did with drones spying and his filibuster.

I'm 56

76 MacBride
80 Ed Calrk
84 Bergman
88 Ron Paul
92 write in Ralph Nader
96 Ralph Nader
Y20 Ralph Nader
04 Ralph Nader
08 write in Ron Paul
12 Romney

I like Palin.

I trust GOD

The general polulation is not politically inclined IMO.

Either we in the GOP are going to get him the win, or we are not.

nicely done

good record, some of these people here are fairly young so I didn't know.

It's like a badge of honor to not have voted for these ass clowns that have brought down the United States.

TY jo

I feel like I have been fighting "the good fight" my whole life.

I guess that's why I'm able to hang tight?

I think RPs idea to take the GOP was brilliant, and I'm soory we have too many who don't see it for what it is and get in that good fight. No one ever offered us an opportunity to fight in the arena..

had someone like me joined the DP or GOP, I would have been marginalized much easier than when a group of us came in..

I think the Ron Paul rEVOLution was one of the most brilliant political tactics of my life. It wasn't easy, but what GOOD fight ever has been?

She was largely unknown when she became the veep nominee.

They probably figured they could control her if they were the ones who made her a household name.


She was largly unknown, but she also represented values that McCain didn't, as she was more to the right, and as gov of the largest state in the USA, and being a woman, she took the spotlight off Clinton and gave the GOP the appearance of being more than an "old boy white man's club". She attracted those on the right who couldn't get behind Ron Paul even though they liked what Ron Paul was saying. I think she would make a great Senator and I hope she runs, and wins.



Your hate club is amusing.

As with many DailyPaulers, I agree with much of what you say and sometimes roll my eyes, but it is ridiculous that a few (immature) people are downvoting every one of your comments. I've got a few haters myself. Don't let it bring you down, but don't be a contrarian just to be one. (Not that you were here because I like Palin and love Rand.)

One of the 48 Laws of Power is "if you don't have enemies, make some."

As a chef

one of the first things you learn in cheffing is: If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

downvotes show I'm relevant.

You are only relevant

when you are relevant.

You may not be r3VOLution, but palin quake.

I remember when the heat was on... this was quite an interesting thread:


2014 Liberty Candidate Thread: http://www.dailypaul.com/287246/2014-liberty-candidate-thread

2016 Potential Presidential Candidates: http://alturl.com/mt7tq

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


I did not join the GOP because of Palin.

Why not get Amash to quit the GOP and lead the libertarian party?



2014 Liberty Candidate Thread: http://www.dailypaul.com/287246/2014-liberty-candidate-thread

2016 Potential Presidential Candidates: http://alturl.com/mt7tq

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Got it

I wouldn't

mind her as Senate. I see nothing wrong with that. She is not the bad guy.

As president.. Hell No!!