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Anaheim Police Open Fire On Crowd Including Women And Children

This video is from 2012. Although, I watched it for the first time today. It is powerful.

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If this video is from 2012

If this video is from 2012 what was the outcome of this???

probably lots of paid vacations (suspended w/ union pay)

followed by some lite slaps on the wrist. that's SOP.

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ah guys..

the news said they were "unruly protestors" so... everything is justified now. move along...

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What ever happened in the aftermath, investigation, protests, disciplinary actions???????

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I live in Anaheim

The police here are still A-holes. Not much has changed

One of the reasons why a lot

One of the reasons why a lot of people here in California rooted for Dorner, especially when police started opening fire on random people driving pick up trucks.

significantly changed?

Has it significantly changed for better or worse?
I haven't seen this though. interesting.

As you mentioned, this is old

As you mentioned, this is old news. Things have significantly changed since then.

2012 is "old"

and of course,

"Things have significantly changed since then."

Right. I am sure they have.

I remember

I remember this vividly from last year. Sick,

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For some time, I've been wanting to tell you

that I LOVE your "handle". I'm a Hoosier, so I laughed out loud when I first saw "MarcMadness." Very clever play on words, though you could apply several meanings to it, no doubt.