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Move over NSA, here comes the Obamacare Big Brother database -

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Um did you ever think....

....it's one and the same?


Never thought I'd say this until now...Kokesh's 2020 platform for abolishing the fed. govt. is beginning to make more and more sense...yikes...

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina

To the downvoter-

Why? You don't like Kokesh? Kokesh's idea? I just said it's making more and more sense, as in, the Fed. Govt. is the and only the problem we have in America.

I'm not a mind reader and I hate gratuitous down votes where ever they occur on DP

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina


Ron Paul's brilliant political idea was to get in the GOP.

I had never heard of a central committee. It was a huge learning curve to understand Ron paul's stratigy of taking the GOP.

People didn't just go to central committee meetings. Mosy people like me never heard of them. And they invited people to join them. They had signing parties, and they operate under the radar.

When I met Ron Paul he said, "Thank you for inviting me to your rEVOLution." I thought WTF? All my banners say "Join the Ron Pail rEVOLution", so why is he thanking me inviting him to MY rEVOLution? MY rEVOLution?

When I went to my first committee meeting, it made sense.. who invited me? And I introduced myself, "Thank you for inviting me to your committee." I'm sure they all thought, "WTF, who invited you?"

Kokesh was not part of the rEVOLution. He didn't join the GOP. He was part of what became known as The Liberty Movement. The Liberty Movement "hi-jacked" Ron paul's message and made it for all those who did not appreciate or understand Ron paul's INVITATION to take the GOP.

So the rEVOLution became divided, between those who stayed with the Ron Paul rEVOLution (most have left DP), and those who found the LM PERFECT.. it was a no sweat, no brainer.. hate the GOP and take the RP message.

Adam was one of the leaders.

In the GOP, they could not see any difference between the rEVOLution and LM. They began thinking of rEVOLutionaires are LMers who had infiltrated, and Adam Kokesh became a liability to us. Especially when he put out his, "Hey kids DMT is GREAT and this is how you do it!!" That's when the rEVOLution divided from Kokesh. It's not that we don't support his DMT enjoyment, but we have more pressing issues, adn that wasn't winning us any establishment friends.

That said, the rEVOLution was never about ending the federal government. The federal government is not going to go without something to replace it. Life does not exist in a vacuum.

There are two big nations salvating at Americans losing their federal government.. the UN and Islam.

The prisoners in Gitmo are there because they demand Sharia Law to be tried, and there are many states that are under attack, so to speak, where Sharia Law is being demanded as an option. MSM does not talk about it. http://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2013/05/19/Under-the-US-Supre...

So while Adam is smoking DMT and branding guns and making poor interneiws from jail cells, and saying to end the Federal Government, I don't agree with his kind of "leadership", nor do I see him as an asset to materializing Ron Paul's message of RESTORING THE REPUBLIC to constitutional Government. Ron Paul did not say END THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. He said Restore it.. END THE PATRIOT ACTS.

If the downvote upset you, I apologise, I rarely vote, and I thought about responding, but couldn't say it in a few words, so now I hope you understand why I did NOT agree with you and gave you the downvote.

Restore the... what?

Please provide the evidence where Ron Paul said to "restore the federal government.", because I can't recall him ever saying that.
Maybe I can remember him saying to restore liberty, freedom, maybe even the Constitution and the Republic or just generally "our country" and our "economy". But cannot think of a time he'd ever had said to restore the federal government.

Please, for those who may have missed it, or have poor memories, provide the evidence. Thanks.


Restore the Republic to constitutional government.


There's more if you need more http://www.amazon.com/Restore-Republic-Jonathan-Emord/dp/098...

You Provided No Resource

The link you provided did not evidence Ron Paul saying to restore the federal government.

This is in regards to your post:

Ron Paul did not say END THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. He said Restore it.. END THE PATRIOT ACTS.

I simply asked for you to provide the evidence so we may believe in you. Otherwise there is no reasoning here and the reasonable will ignore you.
Looking forward to seeing the evidence, and thanks for taking the time to respond.

WE??? Are you a collective? You, yourself and who?

I provided you links.

IGNOR is the root of IGNORANCE: do what you want.

If you are seeking ORDERS, you will not get them from Ron or Rand. You have to be able to ask questions, "What does Ron paul mean when he says, "Restore the Republic?" You have to do homework (with your WE team, ONE might hope that you could do that.

The most unfortunate part is after Ron Paul ended his campaigns, his web site was taken down, so his quote are scattered among his supporters who were inspired by his MESSAGE, NOT ORDERS.

Since you are unable to hear a message and need orders, here are links to those who GOT THE MESSAGE (not an order, a message) and acted on it:


Ron Paul quote from within RonPaul.com:

"I think there’s been a lot of forgetting of what the original intent of the constitution was, they have forgotten what a true republic is all about."


Do you ever wonder why we debate what the constitution means here? http://www.restoretherepublic.org/





Need more messages? let me know.. looking for marching orders? you don't get Ron Paul.

We the Public

You posted publicly, you did not send me a private message. We the public are reading this, not just myself (as evidence, look at the multiple down votes you received).

Before I ever ask the question "What does he mean when he says..." I first ask YOU to evidence that it was ever said in the first place.

And, no, your quote was NOT in the link you provided. Which just casts your claims into suspicion.

Again, a quote from Ron Paul saying "they" have forgotten what a true "republic" is all about does not mean he thinks we should restore the "Federal Government".

Speaking of failures:

"Since you are unable to hear a message and need orders..."

Just as an FYI, your failed attempt to get me to believe I need orders/unable to hear just backfired on you. Blamers always show who they truly are, as their blames are a projection of who they see themselves as.

This conversation appears to be done.

So who elected you to represent the public? NOT me.

I find it COWARDLY, to me that your post represents, "The Public", as if you can hide within a collective you imagine. Like some wizard of oz, you think you speak for the public. You don't. I responded to a post made by YOU. Your lack of upvotes is far more telling than my anti-zionist fan club of downvotes.

You are assuming that I am attempting to tell you or anyone what to do. That's not my job and I'm not making it my job. I speak for me, myself and I. Others may agree, and that is THEIR business. I don't represent, nor do I pretend to represent anyone with my opinion.

There never was a conversation.

Have a great posting day

Ad Hominems = lose argument

Ad hominems drive the delivered rhetoric right out of any semblance of an argument. Seems this is the result of either forgetting the rules of engagement or never being familiar with them in the first place.

We the people all represent the public, a rePUBLIC. Ya know? Yeah, the thing you quoted Ron Paul about restoring (and have yet to provide a source on him saying to restore the "Federal Government", no surprises there).

"There never was a conversation."

You're stating the obvious there, bub.

"Have a great posting day"

Thanks! :^)

Oh F**k, as soon as I hit 'reply', I

saw that someone had already downvoted your comment. WTF!?

Let me just say, I not only appreciate your reply/explanation, I agree with your reasoning behind it. Thank you.

I don't think Adam Kokesh has a leg to stand on when it comes to his 'solutions' for ending our problems...he is however, IMO, willing to demonstrate his views in order to get peoples' attention, usually civil disobedience, DIY instructions.

I'm not convinced, tho, that that is a bad thing for the LM.

Kokesh,like Obama, is a great activist, a great revolutionary, a very brave, and sometimes, stupid soul...not Presidential material. Historically, those kind never make great leaders once the revolution they incite, is over. But they are most definitely needed to keep the fires burning, like Thomas Paine, a flawed character who knew how to incite the apathetic, the ones losing faith in the cause.

Thanks again, The Granger.

BTW, someone here just told me you are Italian. Is that right? Cause I love Italians...hate their govt., tho. Just like Americans, I guess!

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina


Thank you for the kind response.

I think Adam is perfect for the LM. I point out frequently that I am not in the LM. I am in the rEVOLution, which is part of the LM, we have different jobs to do, and it will be interesting to find out who in the future can bring US together again.

I am many mixed races. My father was a lifer in the USN so I was born and raised in the Navy and we lived in Naples Italy for three years where my baby sister was born. My God Mother is Italian, and like you, I LOVE Italians.. but then, I find something to LOVE about ALL peoples.

I am not happy with Islam right now, but that's based on how they treat each other.. I LOVE America because America affordes me the opportunity to meet and know many races, many religions, the opportunity to LOVE anyone and everyone, and find MY GOD. So to me, by comparison to many areas that have come under Sharia Law, I believe we have freedom we don't appreciate enough.

Like your quote by Debra Medina.. America is one of the few places in the world you can actually apply that!

Starting from the bottom up, as it were.

my Debra Medina quote is and always will be, my only mantra because, to me, it's like the Rule of Law---it applies equally to everyone. When it doesn't--all hell breaks loose! So I'm glad you liked!

15 years ago,I purposefully decided to work for an international airline company--13.5 years-it was a good choice. No other environment can provide a person like me- totally unwealthy-- the opportunity to work side by side with as many cultures or races, without joining the military, or being a military 'brat', right? I was an oil & gas brat--lot worse, indeed. (Talk about living in the 'arm-pits' of the world...hundreds of miles from no-where..and that awful smell?...the smell of money) [slight exaggeration]

Long story short, a Bangladeshi, (legal citizen!!), Muslim, became my best friend, the best I've ever had. After about a year or so, in front of all our friends, I finally got around to asking him if he was a Muslim. He said yes. I jokingly said 'great'! 'My phone calls are probably being monitored!'

We were both 'Leads'. We were a lot alike. We didn't like the limelight, [thank you very much, The Granger, for your blaring title, lol] we liked one-on-one, genteel persuasion. His loyalty to me through out the years, his unbelievable candidness, honesty, his subtle way of educating me of his peoples' culture, their disgustingly corrupt govt, he knew how ignorant I was...I'll always treasure his friendship. Because when push comes to shove, religion doesn't make a difference...Freedom is the common thread.

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina

I think you make some really good points

As a military brat, it was interesting that oil and gas contractor brats were very much like us, and a few times, I had the opportunity to have friends whose parents were contractors.. my Father retired from the military, and what did he do.. get a job with an oil surveying company!

Matter of fact, one reason I got interested in conservation (what became environmenalism) was the military bases were so polluted. I remember thinking that I had to clean up my messes.. why didn't they?

I have met many Muslims from many areas, and I find that when they are a minority, they are the friendliest people. When they are the majority.. they don't know you. I think this may be true for any religion actually.

Freedom is a common thread when freedom prevails, but where freedom does not prevail.. religion becomes the freedom, which is why Islam is so successful taking failed governments. As the governments become unjust and unfair, God's grace is all one has.

As a woman, a very strong woman, I would have a problem being Muslim.

I used to go to this Muslim owned gas station and got into a conversation with the woman behind the counter. She was about to legally change her name. She talked about how she had been a drunk and addict and was abused frequently, by men especially, and women, and the people who owned the gas station had saved her. They adopted her. She became Muslim, and as she was telling me about her conversion, How she was now owner of the gas station. Her adopted brother came in and asked her what was going on.. and she tells him that we were talking.. he told her to get to work, no time to talk, no offense to me..

I saw her a few weeks after.. she was caring for the adopted mother. She wouldn't look at me (no problem), but it dawned on me.. she had been used for her citizenship and was, in the name of being adopted, a slave. She was clean.. and I think that is wonderful, but she doesn't have any rights. She has to ask them what she can do.

Now me.. being me.. Had he asked me what was going on, I would have asked, "What?" and if he told me there was work to do, I would have told him, "You worry about your work and I'll worry about mine." As you can see, no muslim man would put up with me and if he tried to lay a hand on me, he'd get hurt. I imagine I would be stoned to death.. because Muslims have a diffeent idea of what strength is.

Susan B. Antony once said, "I can tell a Granger woman for as far as I can see her, because she carries herself as a man."

My dad used to say, "Behind every strong man is a stronger women."

You bet! Strong men don't hit women or tell them what to do, they enjoy the relief having a partner who can and will carry the load and still do their own thing.

Very interesting,


Your Muslim relationships, vs. mine...I often wondered what my friend's response would be if I'd asked him, "What do you think about your wife's rights under our laws...in America... not the religiosity/govt. of Sharia? Where do you fall, my Muslim friend? American now.

I've never had to ask him that question. It's part and parcel to the main reason he came here. But, the M..Fr (lol) was already trying to align himself, wrongly, with the unamerican dream of debt, 2 incomes --no one home to look after his young kids!!!

So tempting to him. But I never let him fall prey to the false American dream. And I also let him know that 'playing the system', (which his compadres bragged about, was not something to brag about, nor did I want to ever hear about any such incidences. A multi-generational American, me, that's all he really needed to hear this from ...this is not a game...this is about principles. You got 'em, use 'em, or lose 'em.

Frankly, I think he just liked testing me--a lot. And why not? I tested him... I did.

So many temptations, so little time.

But I'll never forgive myself for asking him the most clumsy, stupidest question an American could possibly ask a Bangladeshi legal immigrant: "Why did you come here?"

Folks, don't ever, EVER, ask a legal immigrant, much less your best friend/co-worker that question, no matter how curious you are as to why they would choose this dilapidated, crumbling old empire...it's a very good way to lose the best friend you ever had, but then, his question, preceding mine was, "Where are the Jesus miracles now when we need them?"

Actually, I had an answer. But in light of my most disgraceful, most stupid question, I simply STFU.

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina

When I attended chef school

I worked as a student aide for the dean, and there was a revolt of sorts affecting the department, as several muslim women refused to wear a chef uniform and demanded rights to wear their scarves instead.

One woman was from Egypt and we had several conversations as she waited for the dean. In one of these conversations she informed me that she hated America. I asked her why she didn't return home. She said that shortly after coming to America, her husband fell in love with another woman and divorced her. She could not return to her country because even though he had left her and her children, and divorced her, she was at fault in her famili'es belief system, and she would be condemned. She said she wanted to go home, and was very sad that she could not.

I have asked many legal and illegal immigrants why they come to America and why they want, or don't want, to become citizens.

Most of them tell me that America has opportunities their native countries do not have. It's that simple. They are willing, and wanting, to work, work hard.

People from China tell me that one American portion of meat feeds a family of four in China. Mexicans tell me that they can build a home in Mexico while living communily. Students from the ME tell me they have full scholarships and spending money and jobs to return to when they go home. Same for Tiawan and South Koreans. Japanese LOVE America, seems more than most Americans, they have more living space. People from India and Pakistan, who take great offense if you confuse them, appreciate the opportunity in the corporate and education systems.. they are not so keen on returning home, but rather invest in family businesses is working on small empires. ALL love the freedom to not have to go to government or Church meetings, but can do what they want with their free time.. like Disneyland, or golf courses, or driving nice cars on nice roads, indoor plumbing and electricty, garbage pick up..

Many things we take for granted, they do not.

I think it's respectful to be curious, rather than assume or fear, why someone chooses to live in America. It helps me appreciate and LOVE America.

Thank you, Granger. Until your

comment, based on your own experience, I'd have never known how to deal with my 'faux pas' with my friend, even tho, until now, having talked to him a few times since I retired, I still want to tell him I'm so glad he immigrated here. I'll make sure we have that conversation so it doesn't become the 'pink elephant' between us.

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina


Just add butter, jam, honey

I'd trust hackers with the information before....

I'd trust the current crop of bureaucrats, either low level or higher level. They have proved themselves malevolently unconcerned for the rule of law.

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Excellent information and

Excellent information and article. Thanks for posting Conservative Warrior!

I noticed that it is going kind of viral, then I saw drudge was linking to it. Whoever wrote the article is a very good writer.