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Bullet Holes in Hasting's Car?

Okay, somebody please tell me what the 3 grouped indented holes are from, just past the edge of the drivers side door near the rear quarter panel?? You can view this from the video at 2:55 to 3:14. Sure look like bullet holes to me, fired through the car body into the rear of the drivers seat.

I checked photos of the MC C250 Sport, and there is nothing bolted on in that area. If you go full size on the video and view it frame by frame, just past the 3 min mark, you can see a closer view between the firemans legs that shows the holes indented inward and a bit more of a ragged tear into the metal. Bullet Holes???

I also believe Loud Labs may have edited some of the more graphic shots of Hastings body from their video, as you can clearly see a head and shoulders of the body in the drivers seat. Hard to tell, but doesn't really appear to be burned beyond recognition as was stated by police and coroner. The fire was not burning long enough to really damage the body that much. Also, not sure what the white thing is on his head, could be skull showing from a laceration from the accident or the fire heat separating the scalp.


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It might be pitting...

Maybe some kind of acid in the paint, when exposed to fire caused this?

It's just a guess.

Your gonna have to be more

Your gonna have to be more specific, i cant see any holes other then what appears to be bolt holes for what i assume used to be the handle that would open the car door

I really wish sometimes that when getting a statement from someone who doesnt speak your language well, that people would ask them to say it ALSO in their native tongue, to be translated later

there are 2-3 holes behind the door jam

at the time mark mentioned.

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Is that three other

holes in a tight pattern that appear just to the right of the two holes for the door handle?

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Did he say

Did the witness say he saw fire as the car was coming down the street at 100 mph?
I fear for this witness's safety...someone needs to interview him with an interpreter and let him know his life is in danger too.

There is indeed nothing to indicate that those are premade bolt

holes. And having seen thousands of bullet holes through metal, that's what I would say they are.

That's disturbing on several levels.

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Thanks for highlighting

Thank you for highlighting the area and the holes. I had checked the MB C250 Sport and there is nothing that is afixed to the sheet metal in that area. Besides, the holes are indented inward which can only mean the pentration through the sheet metal started on the outside.
Be interesting to find out as to what they might be other than bullet holes

Can anyone translate what the witness

said when he was saying he saw the car coming fast and then "bam, bam ,bam"?


Apparently, at the intersection just before the accident scene, the roadway had a rise or a dip. Speculation is that the car bottomed out upon hitting the rise or dip, hence the bam bam noise.