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"Altered States" Semi-Sedated Musings (Drug war illegitimacy)

“Altered States” Semi-Sedated Musings
1) Intentionally Altered States: Not to be confused with abuse, are to be defined (in this post) as follows – Destinations for lay psycho-chemists and brave explorers of consciousness who insist on experiencing the full spectrum of emotion (hopefully reporting back to those that are land-locked or are so “well grounded” they couldn't ascend to the heights the user enjoys*) and make informed decisions, taking appropriate precautions when experimenting with more volatile, unpredictable substances.
2) “Alice, come home - back to your preferred free speech zone, so you can rebuild your ego and die with your mind blown.” - What's more damaging: the world and culture which we normally inhabit and are required to navigate or the transport means for the mind-travelers (I'm not saying you have to be completely detached from the world to be one). Isn't it possible there's value in insights gained through the responsible use of psychoactives? If there's value in religious epiphany, shouldn’t the same apply to those who believe they can, and attempt to attain, higher understanding through different methods?
3) Isn't it, at the very least, true we're all just carbon-based, autonomous formations of energy that instinctively seek higher knowledge and therefore should be permitted, without social stigma, to seek said knowledge through channels which others (equals) may determine to be offensive or self-destructive? Advocates of liberty should understand the desire to be at the switchboard of the brain. Ingestion of chemicals subsequent to sufficient study can help some achieve this position, allowing them to tinker with the way they were naturally wired thus potentially gaining perspective otherwise unreachable, and perhaps greater understanding of those with opinions differing from their own – as well as making them more open to new ideas and decreasing their fear of being wrong (suppressing the ego).
4) The Distinction: Advocating use versus advocating the freedom to use: I want my motives clear when I post so there's no room for speculation – I AM an advocate for use under certain circumstances and by certain individuals* with certain desired results in mind. This refers to the word “set” in the common phrase “set and setting”. Set refers to what you expect to gain, intend to ponder, cognitive dissonance therapy(having 2 or more beliefs which contradict each-other) you wish to resolve or reconcile, etc. Setting: The carefully chosen environment you feel will keep you comfortable but at the same time keep you thinking.

*to be fair there is slight potential risk of devastating lows which, while after the experience may be informative, at the time can be terrifying and cause suicidal ideation (I'm not fear mongering, I've been there) which is why it's important to have a “babysitter” [preferably more than one] if your using one of the more intense drugs in case there's a need to physically subdue you, which is very rare but possible) I wouldn't suggest people use any mind-altering drug too often (aside from cannabis) because of the risks of dependancy and/or possible undesired, and sometimes irreversable physical or emotional consequences (though this is only common with extreme, frequent ABUSE and inadequate understanding of drugs and their effects and is not what I'm advocating here at all).

What are your thoughts? Am I dead wrong? Please tell me your opinions – be vulgar or insulting if you must, it won't affect the way I look at the main point of your post. I'm here to learn.

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by the way

I'm writing for a web show featuring First presenting hard facts, second me presenting my argument without interruption, third allowing the guest(s) to present there's in the same amount of time (also uninterrupted), then the rest debate...anyone who's interested in collaborating or being a guest to debate or simply present a different view on a subject through interview - get at me (either through commenting of private message) we can use skype, phone, etc. The drug war will most likely be the topic of the first video. After debate I'd like to do a call in segment for the "panel" but i have to work the tech part of that out....not that it's hard just have to set it up