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Water Fountain or Bubbler? American Dialect Maps Explain Why Everyone Else Thinks You Talk Funny

All this talk about who talks right and who doesn't stops now.

or http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/05/09/dialect-map-of-the-...

More fun - 122 maps to choose from:

(C'mon by and I'll buy you a soda if we can't find a coke!)

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I think the midwest is "pop"

I think the midwest is "pop" i live about 25 min or so from Chicago - same thing in detroit. A couple of southern relatives (kentucky) call all soda "coke"

I say soda - but everyone in

I say soda - but everyone in my region calls it "pop". Speaking of thinking people talk funny, here are some pet peeves of mine "preventative" instead of "preventive", "exclusionary" instead of "exclusive" annnd mispronouncing the word "mischievous" it's "MIS chiv us" NOT "mis cheev E us".

This book lays it all out...

Word Play: What Happens When People Talk


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