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Obama's blame game

Obama blames racism for all mistakes by black people. Trayvon Martin's death and the black communities reaction is are all the fault of racial discrimination and past racial violence.

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Obama is talking about race as a diversion

from the much bigger issues facing this nation:
1) Trillions in unpayable debt
2) High unemployment/the Great Recession/growth of the welfare rolls
3) Ongoing overseas war and military adventures
4) Multiple political scandals: Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS, etc.
5) Government spying on citizens

Why wouldn't he blame racism?
He can't blame Bush forever.

Good video. One comment, though

"Obama blames racism for all mistakes by black people"

Just to touch on this for a moment-- so do the majority of white Americans, who tend to look at everything through a racial prism, and make up the lion's share of people of those who go around accusing others of being racist for not agreeing with x, y, or z. Yes, a lot of black people do it, but only after being encouraged by other whites to use their race as a political tool.

You basically have a bunch of white people running around calling other white people racist, while putting select non-whites on pedestals, to serve as examples of 'proof' that racism does or doesn't exist, to attack the other side of the argument. Trayvon Martin is just one name on a very long list of examples.

White Americans are the ones who popularized, and continue to perpetuate the racial blame game, and from a certain perspective, it's only fitting that it's now biting them in the ass.

All I'm saying is that this sort of crap wouldn't have gotten so much attention if whites stopped trying to constantly guilt trip each other into falling for the sort of cheap race-baiting that we've seen as a result of this case.

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I blame it on black

I blame it on black peoples lack of knowledge of Austrian economics.

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