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I'm writing for a web show featuring First presenting hard facts, second me presenting my argument without interruption, third allowing the guest(s) to present there's in the same amount of time (also uninterrupted), then the rest debate...anyone who's interested in collaborating or being a guest to debate or simply present a different view on a subject through interview - get at me (either through commenting or private message) we can use skype, phone, etc. The drug war will most likely be the topic of the first video. After debate I'd like to do a call in segment for the "panel" but i have to work the tech part of that out....not that it's hard just have to set it up...but I NEED your support. Not monetary support, I need your participation.

I put this as a comment on my post about the drug war http://www.dailypaul.com/293335/altered-states-semi-sedated-..., but figured this probably needs it's own post.
Where are the DP radio people??? someone get me in touch w/ them, I'm sure they'd be eager to help or at least do interviews..
I'm tired of hearing opinions from the elite, privileged class - that's why I feel compelled to do this.

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My e-mail is

My e-mail is Junglepunker@hotmail.com Please don't harass me, I'm giving this out in good faith that you will only contact me regarding this or something along these lines that already exists that I can get involved in.