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Clark County Republicans oust Ron Paul supporter as chairman

Clark County Republicans oust Ron Paul supporter as chairman
Jul. 20, 2013 |

Associated Press

LAS VEGAS — Clark County Republicans have ousted a Ron Paul supporter in favor of a more conventional establishment leader.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported the approximately 600 voting members of the county GOP elected David McKeon as chairman Wednesday by secret ballot.

McKeon drew 319 votes.

Cindy Lake, a more libertarian politician who took over the position last year, lost with 276 votes.

When she won last year, Lake said her election proved there was no GOP war on women.

McKeon told the newspaper the good turnout showed that the county chapter of the GOP was ready fresh leadership.

Lake said she’ll stay involved.
The fight was a bitter one, with McKeon’s opponents circulating documents about his messy divorce and custody battle.


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A Movement

A movement happens from the bottom-up.

It doesn't matter who is at the top as long as the process is fair.

Ron Paul often points out that Congress is to blame for the excesses of the President.

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Shit happens.

Shit happens.

kinda dumb

timing on the establishment GOP part, they gain nothing in an off election year. Give it a year from 2014 to 2016 and the Liberty crowd will retake the county. If they were smart they would have retaken in 2014 for the 2015 Presidential ramp up, now they will have a fight on their hands every step of the way.

Number one thing to remember is the old establishment is dying off, even on other sites within the GOP they are kicking off. We are the future, and I mean the next 6-8 months and on.

During the last caucuses, I noticed many of the old folk from 2008 for the establishment had croaked.

"We are the future".....

....what does that actually MEAN?

We're nothing if we don't show up.

If you want to see a rabid GOP. . .

Iowa has a Paul friendly Chairman and state committee. If you want to mix it up with a GOP mouthpiece website and its inbred fascists... check out www.theiowarepublican.com.

They take potshots at the good doctor or anyone that supports him on a regular basis because they are so galled by the overthrow of their state leadership last year.

“Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.” —Thomas Jefferson

My post was better...

...because I made it three days ago, right after it happened. Oh, and I posted under Nevada, not California.


i always wonder

why people put the state they are from rather than the state the post is about.

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i'd say

a number of reasons:
poor eyesight
the article usually has that info
people are in a hurry
people love their state

i often wonder why people go off on tangents rather than discuss the article.
human nature i guess.

i'd say

it's mainly because people think too much of themselves. the reason i put the state where the event happened/is happening is to help others who use the feature as intended.

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do you

have evidence for the "mainly" or an assumption?

i'd assume it's mainly an oversight. i don't have evidence either but from what i've read here it's a good bunch of folks, and i include you since you've admitted you try and help others.

Yes it was

And If my response is what killed it, I'm sorry.

thought you said all the

thought you said all the NEO's left the GOP.


I said that many central committees, such as mine, the Neos have gone, and why we have visitors who are watchers from other counties.

There is absolutley a struggle for power. The Neos are the old boys club, who are paid to be there with perks, they don't understand why we are not interested in private jet rides to conventions and better jobs in our areas in association with them.. so they know they are losing power because there is no youth coming in to take their reigns. WE ARE THE FUTURE.

Not ALL the Neos are gone.. many have left and many are retiring, they are old and we have the energy. The rich and powerful are still there and fighting hard, last gasps as far as I can see. But I will see more at the Fall GOP converntion.

Many committees are now Liberty Committees, like mine.


We are the future IF WE SHOW UP TO GOP MEETINGS, continue to show up, continue to recruit, DONT QUIT and don't WHINE about getting treated poorly.

I conceed

I have been corrected. THANK YOU!

i guess that's why

you got 5 votes and three posts only.

seriously you care about things like that? nobody can see every post in the time frame posted. isn't the point that this is shitty news and should motivate some of us to push ahead harder?

The Ron Paul Liberty Movement Got A Seback In Clarke Co.

Boy this is enough to piss off the Easter Bunny!

Now we must work much harder now...

We must recover!

Why is the GOP so f'ng

Why is the GOP so f'ng stupid! When are they going to stop acting like a bunch of ass clowns?

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Did you call your RPR friends in Vegas and tell them to go?

To this meeting?

To the last one?

To the 2nd prior which is the one you are required to go to in order to join such that they could have voted this most recent meeting?

To the last 6, 10, 12 meetings?

Or none?

So then why are you complaining again?

They are not stupid

They want to retain power and they know we are a threat.

bigmikedude's picture


They're stupid as rocks when they fall right in line with that "toe the party line" rah-rah establishment nonsense.

Dumber than buffalo crap.

With all due respect to you (((((bmd)))))

They are not dumb. They are bought. They are profitting off their connections.. that's why they name drop so often and brag about their private jets and perks.. and we are not buying. We're not going for it. I think some of them think we are dumb.. as in, "Why did we join an old boys club if we're not looking for a perk?"

I can agree that they are dumb when it comes to they're not understanding our passion, and they are afraid to hear it, which is why we are dealing with their passionate silencers.

And they give leads we don't follow up on.. for example, when I was at the spring convention and at the first night at the banquet brought the room to a stand when I had the audacity to bring up the word, "marijuana" as in ECONOMY. After the converntion, an email was cast out by a insider leader in the CA GOP, who made an insane ridiculous argument against marijuana.

He and his perkos thought they would be able to get some feed back.

No one responded. I thought about it. But it seemed they were not seeking debate, they were seeking blood.

I think this next convention might heat up because we show up and we have the majority on the floor.. but there is another problem, at least to me.. and that's some younger perkos infiltraited the rEVOLution and took offices.. the dumber rEVOLutionairies, because we do have them, bought it. And npow the perkos are controlling, so now the rECOLUtrionairies who voted them in see they are controllers not rEVOLutionaires.

What you see is what you get with me, so I'm definately on the GET THIS WACKO OUT list (probably my downvoters here).. we need to get off the floor and into those "golden circle club", which is very hard to do if you don't have thousands of bucks or support. DP helped me.. that's how I was able to face Rove, and he didn't expect that.. shook him up really.

Personally (((((bmd)))) I'm way more into this GOP than I ever wanted to be already. And I'm torn.. should I go for it?

My downvotes tell me YES.

So, that's stupid, but....

....Ron Paul supporters NOT showing up to GOP meetings so "they" can take back county parties is smart?

Do you hear yourself?

bigmikedude's picture

Hate to say it Spirit

But if you're relying on the average Paul supporter to maintain an interest in political meetings, you're gonna be disappointed. Most Paul supporters come across as the type that have thrown in the towel on crooked politics and are waiting and preparing for Part II already.

Don't get me wrong. Godspeed to those with the patience, temper control, and tolerance to do it, but I doubt many around this movement have it.

bring on Part II

one GOP meeting was enough for me

“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.” — Albert Camus

Cyril's picture

+1 (wish I'd +10) for this as eloquent as amusing comment.

+1 (wish I'd +10) for this as eloquent as amusing comment.

[...] the type that have thrown in the towel on crooked politics and are waiting and preparing for Part II already.

Indeed. So true!

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

egapele's picture

Described this average Paul supporter to a tee - thx bigmikedude

Not a fan of attending meetings at cigarette smoke-filled barbecue joints filled with over-50 types looking at me like I don't belong.

Over 50 here

and I get the same, like I'm from another planet.


are a waste. Why do I want to go hang around a bunch of GOP frauds who think they know what they are talking about. And when i do butt in.. I am ignored or shouted over.

GOP is a disgrace.

Any one willing to re-elect John Boner is a disgrace.

egapele's picture

No meeting of any political party is a waste.

Discouraging, yes.

A waste? No.