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An Anti-Gun NJ Liberal Writer discovers the Insanity of GunLaws...when attempting to buy a BB Gun for visiting Niece & Nephew!

Did you know that you need a firearms license/permit to even buy a toygun in Jeorzee??

Basically, anything that shoots a "projectile" something out of a tube is defined as a firearm (think slingshots included, if I recall. NJ residents, correct me if I'm wrong):

Based my limited experience, it seems like when gun laws are written (mostly) by liberals (like me) who don't feel connected to gun culture you might end up with a hot-mess-of-a-law that makes it needlessly complicated for law-abiding tax-payers who wish to comply with the rules to acquire a gun for any non-crazy reason.

Laws from Trenton only Slightly less crappy than Gun Laws from Washington

By Jay R. Lassiter | April 19th, 2013 - 12:58pm

By now you've learned the U.S. Senate didn't pass a basic universal background check for firearms purchasers. Not even for folks in the market for Bushmaster's infamous AR-15 "assault-style" semi-automatic rifle. That's the weapon of choice for today's mass-murdering psychopath, by the way. The big "Nay" vote on Capitol Hill came despite a stream of polls showing over 90% of Americans in support of reasonable background checks on those who wish to acquire these and other deadly weapons.

"You'll shoot your eye out, kid!"

Recently, my nephew and niece came to Cherry Hill for a visit. I got their favorite junk food, toys and books to make the trip extra special. The previous December, after watching A Christmas Story, Santa brought my 9-year-old nephew a BB gun. It was his favorite toy so I figured, why not? What could go wrong? I had a BB gun at his age and grew up to become a gun-skeptic liberal. Maybe the same would happen with my nephew, I reasoned to myself while stocking up on kid-friendly cereal at the grocery store. And with Dick's Sporting Goods Store right next door it wasn't hard to just pop on over and pick one up! Brilliant!

While strutting into the "Outdoor" section of Dick's, convinced I'm the coolest uncle in the world, I quickly noticed a BB gun marketed for girls. A hot-pink little number, it stood out among the bright orange and camo-colored hunting gear. Why not get one for my niece as well? I'm all about equality, right? And irony. I still have to chuckle at the thought.

So it took the 'movement' liberal trying to buy BB guns to discover the lunacy of current gun-'laws' that he didn't even know existed, proving that he, like most of his fellow anti-gunners, talk about subject matters that they know ABSO-F'ng-LUTELY nothing about, discovers for fact that he knew NOTHING about the current 'laws' already on the books, yet... of course, he still trusts govt and the same idiot fellow anti-gunners to regulate MORE guns of us.

To wit, behold, a textbook case study/Exhibit A) in cognitive dissonance and Stockholm Syndrome; he hopes when future gun laws are written, the same lunacy won't happen again, even though it will be written by the same exact clueless anti-gunners who already have a proven track record of failure in writing laws that are crazy to abide by, that nobody sane can follow, that criminals routinely ignore 100% of the time, yet somehow wishes deludes that it'll be different...the next time (yeah, and 'we' are the "crazy" ones, eh?):

On the other hand, the gun laws coming out of Washington DC are dictated by the NRA to conservative handmaidens in the House and Senate who are beholden to tea party whack jobs primary voters and the gun lobby. The idea of some deranged lunatic assembling a deadly cache in a McDonald's parking lot is chilling and infuriating. With 40% of firearm transactions happening off the grid (via straw purchasing, for example,) it's simply too easy for stupid people to get guns in America. And we have the NRA and Republicans in Congress to blame for it.

Hold up, 40% of firearms purchases are "off the grid"??

Based on WHAT stat? LOL! Literally a stat pulled out of his arse!

Worse, since when do "straw purchases" happen "off the grid?"

The very definition of a "straw purchase" is one in which someone who 'isn't allowed to buy or own a gun,' uses (a) person(s) of lawful standing who do qualify, to buy gun(s) FOR the 'unqualified/forbidden/prohibited' person(s) THROUGH a FFL dealership! As in, um...a definitely traceable, not so "off the grid" activity??

Here's the kicker cosmic punchline punctuating idiocy:

And that's why, despite the Senate stalemate, we must work for a more robust universal background check for anyone in any state who chooses to purchase a firearm. We don't need another (Columbine, Aurora, Newtown, Tucson, et al) to prove why background checks are so critical.

But he admits it doesn't work in NJ; just hopes other idiot 'movement-liberal'/RINO hoplophobe legislators won't make the same mistakes of NJ:

I just hope the national model for firearms screening won't follow New Jersey's reactionary template.

Seriously, what do you say to the same dolts, in the same single breath, who admit fault, recognize that it didn't and doesn't work, but in the same spiel, want to repeat the same mistakes that didn't work, and nationalize it, instead??

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