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"Thanks for Your Service?"

Callers to some radio shows who identify themselves as being in the military are thanked for their service. Well-wishers in airports thank returning soldiers for their service. Signs outside of churches on the Sunday before one of the three military appreciation days (Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Veterans Day) thank veterans for their service. Signs outside of businesses thank the troops for their service every day of the year. Even postal clerks thank military personnel for their service.

This "military service" mindset leads to some absurd conclusions, like this one I received from a critic: "Enjoy your right to express such intellectually bankrupt ideas. It is through the sacrifices of veterans that you enjoy this right. I just suggest that you exercise it a bit more wisely." Or this one: "They continue to stand guard for us, so that if someone comes to take away your freedom to write your nice little remarks about them, they stop them dead in their tracks." Or this bumper sticker: "If You Can Read, Thank a Teacher. If You Can Read in English, Thank a Marine." Or this one: "If You Can't Get Behind Our Troops, Feel Free to Stand in Front of Them."

Are these men (and women) who recently joined the military serving "us" or just getting a paycheck? Oh, they may be serving Uncle Sam; they may be serving an evil empire; they may be serving the president; they may be serving a rogue state; they may be serving themselves--but they certainly aren't serving "us."


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Thread of mine awhile ago...


Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness

I have a bumper sticker on my truck that reads:

"If All the Wars Are Really For Freedom, Why Are WE LESS FREE After So Many Wars?"
People give me the finger for it.

You asked about the paycheck and all I know is that every time I see a sweet BMW, Audi or Mercedes pull up at work for a $600 tint job, there's a 99% chance they are in the military or they're cops. So the paychecks must be pretty darn nice. When I was in the Army I drove a Dodge Omni.

That's a good one

Thumbs up from me for that sticker

I frequently thank active and former military for their service.

Most actually do join to 'make the world better'.

But the problem lies in our current CULTURE that accepts our declining civilization while we wave the flag for imperialism for the banks.

America is being defeated from within and the soldiers are just pawns to help accomplish it wearing their uniforms proudly thinking they are defending the Constitution they swore an oath to. And many have never read it.

We currently are losing 22 vets a day to their own suicide, and it's OUR FAULT for the support of sending them there as pawns.

I refuse to be a divided American. I do understand the Constitution and America is nothing if people don't stand for that idea.


When you get in your car

Thank the military for the gas.

Granger I don't think I understand what you mean.

Please elaborate! Tell me how the military is necessary for me to fill up my truck with $140 worth of fuel.

It is commodities the military are sent in to secure.

Country A wants a commodity, Country B has it.
In the end, Country A will use military to get the commodity.
Doesn't matter if Country B likes it or not.

Granger I upvoted you here because

I think the discussion is important!

After WWI

DuPont got the formula to crack oil. Crude used to be a smelly mess people lived with in ground and in water. People used hemp oil and whale oil, even olive and nut oils, but crude was not part of humanity until after WWI. The ME was known to have so much crude that lightening would set rivers of fire.

So with their patent, DuPont and their buddies went to the ME and made deals with the Saudis. They would build the derricks, do all the work and pay the king for the oil. The King thought this was great. American business was coming to clean up the land and pay them! Oil was cheap, and an industrail age grew, automotive industry grew, military transportation grew, and the populations grew, and the Saudis got rich, and other wanted to know if they had oil, and so the oil industry grew.

And other nations looked with envy at America's growth, and they wanted oil, and so the battles begun, which included WWII because the Nazis and Islam had wanting to eliminate Jews as a common factor, and of the Nazis eliminated Jews, they would get oil, and Germany appealed to the surrounding countries, and why they gave up their Jews, adn why America came in so late in the game, because it came time to protect the investment and the structure they had built.

America became oil dependent, the military consumes a huge amount of oil. So our wars in the ME are first and formost to make sure we have oil, becasue if we don't have oil, we have lost the ability to sustain without it. When you get in your car, thank the military for that gas.

It's ironic to me how so many people who say they want peace are the same people who say they don't want to drill for oil. When I see no war stuckers on cars I think, "You have no idea how you are able to fuel that car".

Furthermore, none of this has been forgotten by Israel, and so Israel is making huge advances in alternative energy. We are 10 years behind and the big daddy's like DuPont have bought the patents, and sit on them waiting for a MIC contract, becasue they want the profit..


I support our military members 100%. It is easy to forget most enlist for noble purposes (i.e., to protect and serve our nation, get an education, learn discipline and respect, provide for family, etc.). The real underlying problem is politicians, alongside their corporate, media, and banker allies, exploit these good intentions. Collectively, these groups brainwash the public and our military members into thinking aggressive invasions of other nations are necessary to "keep us safe" and "preserve our freedoms."

If Ron Paul were our commander-and-chief, you would probably not hear any complaints of our military because the servicemen would be here with their families protecting our borders, no overseas nation building, etc. Thus, the real problem in my opinion is the elites controlling our military.


Bingo. When you consistently hear that your job is "defending America's freedoms," you begin to believe it and stand a little taller as the brain-dead start chanting "USA, USA, USA, USA!!" Whether you're a grunt, or admin clerk, everyone is taught they their job is integral to "keeping us free."

I fell for it...

Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty. -Thomas Jefferson

Thank you for being here now!

I was one of the first people to pick up a "Let's Roll" bumper sticker in honor of Todd B. after 9/11 and wore it proudly on my truck.

I remember thinking, "LET'S JUST FLATTEN IT".

Knowing the pain I went through waking up helps me understand the pain of others that realize how it feels to be deceived.

It also helps me understand people like Granger.

I was thanked a few weeks ago....

I spent 9 years as officer in the Air Force. Quite frankly, I don't remember hearing once about defending our freedoms or the Constitution.

I heard a lot about making rank and getting an assortment of benefits, or getting Saddam, or whatever.

Have to say I lost some respect for the military, and that's partly why I got out and gave up a few million in benefits and retirement.

So when someone thanked me for my service a few weeks ago, I said fine, but I didn't do that much. Like most of the military, I was an office bureaucrat. Many occupations do more service at higher risk than much of the military.

Just out of high school, the guy I worked with in logging was killed when a tree fell on him. Anybody thank his family for his service? Can't build homes without lumber.

Maybe active duty military are our

secret weapon. When the time comes, I think these oath keepers will be on our side just as they were on Dr. Ron Paul's side during his run for President. If you do a search on Daily Paul, you will posts like the one below.


I thank those men and women in uniform for supporting our ideals of liberty and our Constitution.

At this time, this post deserves a thread

or at least the possibility of bumping the older one.

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

My father

fought in the Iraq war and guarded the Oil. He got ambushed by some crazies and got his teeth knocked out and got hit in the head multiple times. But he is fine now.. in a way.

He is not very smart any more though. And is on lots of drugs that I think are ruining his life. ( Legal Drugs )

The other day I told my father that I don't think they are fighting for our Freedom any more. I said this...

"I hate to break it to ya dad, but you and your friends fought for Politicians. I lost my liberty while you was over there fighting."

He kind of got upset and I felt bad. He is now a Ron Paul Supporter though. I even got him to vote for Ron Paul. I support the Military though. Most of my friends are in it as well. I would have joined if I didn't have Rheumatoid arthritis. I actually feel bad for Military Members. They are putting their lives on the line for nothing. And if I say that here to a big crowd, I would be booed at.

there isn't really anything...

I would discourage that my children will find interest in EXCEPT military service. How about take some time to thank those who haven't served! My family is still together. My children know I'll always be there to tuck them in at night. My family knows I am a committed father and husband.

These things are far more important than receiving a paycheck from those who usurp my oath in order to render it pointless and then defile my ignorance by making me a resource of my own willingness to fight for what they take away.

Father - Husband - Son - Spirit - Consciousness