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A Libertarian Economics Student on the Obamacare Arizona Mess and AZ Medicaid Expansion

A friend of mine is a Libertarian economics student who recently graduated with an economics degree and went through university economics courses experimenting with an Austrian economics perspective in different case examples, projects, and classes.

I believe he can offer an interesting and informative perspective on being a Libertarian economics student in a degree program that is overpopulated with big government economists and those who subscribe to the theory of keynesian economics, versus austrian economics.

Being from and educated in Arizona-where the great obamacare arizona/az medicaid compromise occurred/rages on-some of the professors he experienced could be expected to be and were pro free market, some were for crony-capitalism, some were apolitical-or claimed to be-and others fit the typical stereotype of the economics teacher who subscribes to keynesian economics and spending-based economics-versus savings/investment based economics.

An interesting characteristic of his experience that seemed to be a defining line in teaching style and effectiveness was the line between professors who have spent their lives in schooling, as students and professionally in the public sector, and professors who have brought learning experiences from the private sector, through jobs and businesses. One can only imagine the variety of experiences in each sector and how that would affect personal opinion and teaching styles.

He’s given me permission to post his degree’s final essay, a response to the assigned topic of Obamacare...


FULL ARTICLE: A Libertarian Economics Student on the Obamacare Arizona Mess and AZ Medicaid Expansion http://livingnotsurviving.com/2013/07/22/a-libertarian-econo...

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