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How appropriate? Giant ‘corpse flower’ with odor of rotting flesh blooms next door to US Capitol

By Associated Press, Published: July 21

WASHINGTON — The long wait is finally over for visitors who have been yearning for a whiff of a giant flower that smells oddly like rotting flesh.

Titan arum, a giant rainforest plant that has been dubbed the
Adrian Higgins JUL 14

The world’s largest flower might bloom this week, spreading a corpse-like stench throughout the garden.

Garden officials expect “peak smell” to occur early Monday morning, and the flower to remain open for an estimated 24 to 48 hours. Then it will begin to collapse on itself. The last corpse flower to bloom at the U.S. Botanic Garden was in 2007.

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The botanical garden is actually really cool

It's one of the rare programs not run by total incompetents. They know their plants and how to grow them down there.
P.S. It's not next to the Capitol Building.

More interesting would be seeing who flocks to smell rotting flesh.

The Official Flower of Washington DC

LOL...one of the replies posted at the site.