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Has anyone else noticed that Zimmerman look COMPLETELY different?

from when he was first arrested?

And where is this supposed Trayvon Martin character? Why have we not seen any evidence of his existence?

Is this another set up?

Look at the way Trayvon's fake "parents" are hanging out with Illuminati backers Jay Z and Beyonce.

Sorry guys, I'm not falling for this one.

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Who Cares???

Why do you care?

Live in Liberty
Tom Rankin

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What's your problem man?

Cut the guy a break. How could he not help getting fat, eating all that prison food?

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yeah he looks different

yeah he looks different because he got fat... move on...

I see where you are coming

from, but Trayvon is real. Hanging out with Jay Z just proves they are truly the racist. Jay Z is scum and always will be just like his Satanic Wife.

ya don;t say?

I mean, who could ever imagine that a guy might gain weight while hiding out and worrying about a bs prosecution

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the the universe."-- Albert Einstein

It would not surprise me in the least....

look at the crap they pull to further their agenda. I know, your just having fun with this and all, but half the crap they put on the "programming" box is to pull off some sort of b.s. Another "Wag the Dog" coming soon, just hold on it will happen soon and you will be in hook, line, and sinker.... more legislation passed to control "We the People"

Pretty soon they will be telling us you are breathing too much air, their will be a tax for it, those who breathe too deeply will be penalized with death!!

lol you guys are so

lol you guys are so gullibill. this def false flag style.


It's Zimmerman "looks" not look learn how to spell.

I don't know...maybe we should front page this lol

I'm hoping that this is a sarcastic post...

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needs a hobby.

It's fine to wear the tinfoil hats

but i think yours is a little too tight.

LOL. You're so right dude!

LOL. You're so right dude! Total setup. The original crisis actor who played Zimmerman died in a car accident half way through the "trial," so they recast Michael Pena as Zimmerman. It's PROVEN!!!!!!!!!!

It seems

to me that the posts on here get dumber every day. Thanks for nothing on this one. I was immediately sorry that I opened and read it. What a waste of time. And, yea, I know, it was also a waste of time to write a response to this dumb shit...