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What do you call yourself?

Libertarian, Anarchist, Minarchist, Anarcho-capitalist, Sovereign Citizen, Constitutionalist, etc.??

It seems since we are all about individualism, that labels don't stick or we are constantly coming up with new ones so we don't get lumped in with someone we don't like. I would prefer to be called a libertarian because it's so simple. It all hinges on the non-aggresion principle, and its easy to look at everything through that lens. But the word libertarian has been so bastardized by the media and the Tea Party its hard to get a conversation going and declare your political ideals. So what do you say?

Edit 7/27: Wow thanks for all the comments. I couldn't have imagined a better response.

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I'm a neo-confederate but not for the Confederate States of America, rather our original government which was subverted by the convention elites. The Articles of CONFEDERATION. For all those who falsely believe that confederacy forms of government are somehow deficient or worse than the federal or central systems, I implore you to first visit Switzerland before making your final decision.

I never refer to myself with a label

For exactly the reason you gave above.

There is a deep obsession with labels, collectivizing, 'branding' everyone into convenient over-simplified labels.

Labels that are then turned into cartoon caricatures by the media to be twisted around and ridiculed by opportunists and 'pundits' (gag).

Labels which, the average individual with little or no understanding of what its all about can use to pre-judge and brush it all aside without any thought.

No, I never put myself into a group - and I don't even self-identify as libertarian - identify as libertarian and you open yourself up to immediately be lumped in with the Koch Bros, anarchists (which I am not). Or as just 'some pothead that only wants to legalize weed and has silly, dangerous ideas about politics"

Rather - I talk about what I've learned, what I know, what I believe, and what I believe must be done about it.

If they tortured me on a waterboard to get me to commit to a label, I would probably say I am a Localist. Or a De-Centralist.

This would probably buy me a few minutes of peace, while they stood there slack jawed in confusion, wondering what the hell I meant by that.

But as soon as they figured it out they would immediately either continue torturing me 10x harder or just kill me.

Oh well.

Two Ficticious Brits!

"Would a Rose by another other name smell as sweet?" -Shakespeare

"Because while the truncheon may be used in lieu of conversation, words will always retain their power. Words offer the means to meaning, and, for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth."
- V. Televised speech to London. V for Vendette.

Temporary Peasant here...



I certainly like the sound of

I certainly like the sound of it. That guy has a long way to go in Philly though


Philly is amongst the most Democratic regions in the nation


while encouragingly, most persons that I talk with when canvassing agree with the prerogative of individual choice concerning public domain

PS correction> Politic: to raise the ideological status of conscionable choice

I'm a Rand Paul Republican

Ron Paul picked the GOP as the arena and Rand is leading the fight.

As much as I like Rand and

As much as I like Rand and Ron, the R word gives me chills. I dont think I could ever associate with that party.


I feel you. I refused to join the GOP in 07/08 for the same reason. I even shelled out $500 to meet Ron Paul to BEG him, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GO INDY.. PLEASE GO LP I can get you tens of thousands of votes, if not more, if you go INDY.

Kent Snyder, his manager at the time, came over and asked me to back off.. told me this was Ron's campaign and Ron was a Republican, so got in or move on. Not too many people liked Snyder because he was very blunt and protective of Ron.

When Ron made his second bid for president 11/12, it actually made me sick, I felt like I was betaying myself in a HUGE way because the only party I have ever belonged was the Libertarian Party, and then I went Indy.. I NEVER wanted to be a member of the coke or pepsi DUPOLOLY. I did get sick, but I did it.. I registered Republican. I felt so dirty too.

And then Ron was saying he needed delegates.. and to be a delegate you have to go to central committee meetings.. I had NO idea what they were.. and so I read up on them and I expected a room of Bush, Cheney and Roves.. instead, there were two people, both former Democrats who were, "keeping the seats warm".

THAT blew my mind. Where was the GOP? Was it all a MSM facade? For the most part, YES. The next meeting they had their buddies to show up to discourage me.. all 6 of them. There was supposed to be 24. It was apparent, the GOP was a shell. And these folks were NOT going to let me in. They had a signing party, wouldn't tell me a thing, I had to work the hard way to get on board.. but it paid off, because I had to petition, and that meant talk to everyone about Ron Paul, and no one could stop me. So I got on. And then I got others appointed. So now we have a Liberty Committee.. the neos on MY committee left.

I'm told that all over CA the committees are now liberty committees, and to be honest, this has been one of the best political experiences of my life. We have power, and I don't abuse it, or use it as much as I could..

If you like the GOP as it is, don't join. If you want to change the GOP to a Liberty GOP, get in, you're not alone by a long shot. I was alone, and I know others who were alone.. but now we are not alone, and it's awesome. I don't regret joining the GOP, I regret not joining the GOP in 07/08 when Ron Paul asked me.

great post, Granger

I enjoyed the read.

"Villains wear many masks, but none as dangerous as the mask of virtue." - Washington Irvin

Awesome story! Please post this

Awesome story! Please post this as its own forum topic.

Andrew Napolitano for President 2016!

"Patriotism should come from loving thy neighbor, not from worshiping Graven images." - ironman77

TY (((((((The Rebel Poet)))))))

I think most here know my story and have decided they would rather do nothing in the LP waiting for the next Republican nominee than be inspired by what happened to me in an effort to help Ron Paul win the nomination.

I had to sign loyalty oaths to collect my elected seat, and that had me give my vote to Romney, which was very hard. Part of me wanted to leave the GOP, but being I had petititioned, won my seat, I felt that leaving the GOP was not going to go over well locally with the people who supported me.

I was right. My community respects me, knows I've had it rough, but I give them hope by my being there, so I remain, and this too has been good, because we are facing some hard local issues, and we have a great Chair, who is a fighter, and local hero to me.

TY again for the encouragement!

Well, I didn't know it, and

Well, I didn't know it, and there are lots of newer members who never heard. as well as people who might have heard but might not have thought about the implications. Tell your story.

Andrew Napolitano for President 2016!

"Patriotism should come from loving thy neighbor, not from worshiping Graven images." - ironman77

Great story. Thanks for the

Great story. Thanks for the encouragement. We'll see what happens with Rand in the primaries