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Bix Weir: Gold-Silver Update and Complete Wipeout of all Debt in All Banks Coming in Next Few Months

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Excellent interview.

Excellent interview. Interesting Boston Fed has a plan what to do the day and the next couple of weeks of the collapse on what to do to reset the monetary system. I think when we screw other countries on our debt payment to them, they'll cut off trade with with us. They won't start a war with us cause we'll nuke them off the planet, but we will have to start making consumer products in our own country again.

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From Boston Island Harbor?

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They won't stop trading to

They won't stop trading to their mutual benefit. But they'll damn sure not loan us money again for a bit.

This is the most

This is the most thought-provoking interview I have watched in forever.

As far as buying stuff in order to have physical assets when all the virtual money disappears, why is he pushing gold so much? Why would it be better than silver, when silver is cheaper per coin and easier to trade with and make change?

I'm considering buying a bunch of coins. Fascinating point that coins are minted by the Treasury and have nothing to do with the Fed, even though we think of coins as a portion of a federal reserve note. Why did he suggest buying quarters and 50 cent pieces and not mention dollar coins? Are dollar coins tied to Federal reserve notes? I don't really understand any of that.

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This interview is very interesting. I'd love to have some DP experts weigh in on this.
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