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DOJ Launches Criminal Investigation Of Edward Snowden - Judge Napolitano


The judge on Varney & Co

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The House votes on HR2399

The House votes on HR2399 tomorrow to defund unconstitutional NSA spying.


Call your representatives and tell them to support the bill and the 4th Amendment by supporting HR2399.

OLD Old Old

I know this was just posted, but it is old. They're talking about Hong Kong, not Moscow.

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i think i'm starting to understand.

it's unlawful to report an unlawful activity because it's classified.

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
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Lol exactly.. A classified

Lol exactly.. A classified secret is only unlawful once a person has unlawfully reported it.. and an unlawful reporting doesn't count.

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A classified secret

Is generally classified because it covers up some form of criminal activity.

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Nice to hear there's

Nice to hear there's overwhelming hero status on internet blogs. That's where most people get their news these days.