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John Stossel - On The Devaluing Dollar at Freedom Fest 2013

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I was in the front row. The title of his show was "Are We Rome?" which was also the theme for FreedomFest.

Gave Stossel some $1 billion Zimbabwe notes afterwards. He asked if they were real.

Most people don't even know about Zimbabwe money, which is why I dumb it down handing out the $1 billion notes rather than the $100 trillion notes.

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The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

I was on a website that showed the similarities between mo nopoly money and our money now, how all the colors match.. and there was a section that showed inflation that had happened and i seen the hyper inflation that took place and the 100 trillion dollar bill. Crazy stuff man.

Monopoly Money

One of the quotes in my first book was from the rules of the Monopoly board game;

“The Bank never “goes broke.” If the Bank runs out of money, the Banker may issue as much more as may be needed by writing on any ordinary paper.”

Is that wild or what?

Author of Buy Gold and Silver Safely
Next book: Illusions of Wealth - due out soon
Also writing book We the Serfs!

The amount stolen is the amount printed.


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I'll watch later

Without FBN, I've been missing him a lot lately. Hulu doesn't keep up with airdates well and only has a handful of episodes at any time.

But before I watch, if I understand G. Edward Griffin's take, inflation absolutely is theft. Whenever the government needs money, they go to the Fed and the Fed gives them money. When this money is introduced to the market through the government's spending, it's value is the same as those dollars already in circulation. Once it's entered the market, since the quantity of money has gone up, the value of that money goes down. Once that new money reaches the rest of us, it's value (and the value of the dollars that had already been in our pockets) is now lower. The difference in buying power is exactly what the government steals from us.

Inflation is theft. Taxation

Inflation is theft. Taxation is theft. Out of control government is theft... Amazing we are able to keep anything of our own.