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A Queen Is Born: Royal Couple Announces Arrival of Most Certainly Gay Heir to Throne

Arriving on a bed of rose petals over a meter thick, the newborn son of prince William and commoner wife Kate was greeted by cheers and accolades late monday evening by throngs of wellwishers, despite his certain gayness.

The prince was naturally reserved in his comments, volunteering little except for an admission that the royal family has been playing the odds for generations, and certain advanced genetic testing procedures aside, the new liege is most certainly gay.

Planning for a coming out party is already in the works for the summer of 2029, which will be both joyful and sorrowful in tone as it will be the 10th anniversary of legalized gay marriage across the Eurozone and the 13th anniversary of Princess Kate's tragic death in a high-speed kayaking accident beneath Paris' Arc de Triumph.

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I upvoted this to move it from a -1 to a straight zero. (pun).

A little humor, come on folks :)

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It was -5 two nights ago (including my own downvote)

I consider anything positive about the rofl family as an insult. Please change your vote immediately.

Pandas can't drive.

Apparently the new king on earth's initials are G.A.L...

No, I have no inside information. I am simply prescient. It is a curse trust me.

Pandas can't drive.

Aahhh yes....

the "Global Messiah" has been born.....and we will be privy to every well orchestrated step that this global baby takes.

I have a right to make gay jokes. People think I'm gay.

I wrote this exactly 30 seconds after hearing about the 'royal birth.' The first downvote came 45 seconds later. Why? Is it that terrible of a sin to accuse a baby of being gay? People call me gay all the time because of my sissy voice and it doesn't bother me. have a listen:


The king is gay. Get over it.

Pandas can't drive.

It's just

done in bad taste. childish really.

I disagree. It is in EXTREMELY bad taste.

You may also want to avoid reading this:

Young Prince Christened 'Nancy Twinkletoes The Last'

"This little poofter will never reproduce, thank God" - Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II

Pandas can't drive.