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July 26,1775: U.S. Post Office Created, and 238 Years Later is 26 Billion in Debt & Photographing American’s Mail

“I view it as a source of boundless patronage to the executive, jobbing to members of Congress & their friends, and a bottomless abyss of public money. You will begin by only appropriating the surplus of the post office revenues; but the other revenues will soon be called into their aid, and it will be a scene of eternal scramble among the members, who can get the most money wasted in their State…”

-Thomas Jefferson, in a letter to James Madison expressing his doubts in postal Roads & postal service

On July 26, 1775, the United States Continental Congress created the US Post Office, and appointed Benjamin Franklin as US postmaster general, recognizing his experience as postmaster general in the colonies prior to.

The Postal Clause of today’s Constitution-whose original went into effect in March of 1789- exists in Article I, Section 8, Clause 7 and authorizes the Congress “To establish Post Offices and Post Roads.”

Note that the Constitution simply authorizes the creation of a post office and post roads, but does not require it, nor mandate that it do so at the severe expense of American’s money and their Rights.


FULL ARTICLE: July 26,1775: U.S. Post Office Created, and 238 Years Later is 26 Billion in Debt & Photographing American’s Mail

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They also have a saliva (DNA)

They also have a saliva (DNA) sample from anyone who has ever licked an envelope.

They would never do that....


Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

The Post Office is what happens

when you don't allow competition to work!

Also, those retirement packages are a wee bit too generous, like most union retirements in Amerika!

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

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But it's constitutional!

So it' got that going for it.

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If it is allegedly unconstitutional for Congress

to enter into a treaty delegating any so called sovereign powers to an international body why is it any less unconstitutional for Congress to delegate any responsibility to establish post offices or post roads to the executive branch? What is constitutional about Congress not appropriating monies to establish post offices or post roads but incorporating a postal service entity which can borrow money in addition to a plethora of other powers? By what authority does Congress delegate liability for performing an official government function to an independent entity?

If the Federal Reserve is about as federal as Federal Express then USPS is about as US as USRobotics, US Airways, or U.S. Steel.

Postal Reorganization Act of 1970:

$2005 Obligations
"(a) The Postal Service is authorized to borrow money and to issue and sell such obligations as it determines necessary to carry out the purposes of this title ... "

"(b) The Postal Service may pledge the assets of the Postal Service and p1edge and use its revenues and receipts for the payment of the principal or interest on such obligations, for the purchase or redemption thereof, and for other purposes incidental thereto, including creation of reserve, sinking, and other funds which may be similarly pledged and used, to such extent and in such manner as it deems necessary or desirable ... "

$2006 Relationship between the Treasury and the Postal Service
"(a) At least 15 days before selling any issue of obligations under section 2005 of this title. the Postal Service shall advise the Secretary of the Treasury ... If the Secretary does not purchase such obligations, the Postal Service may proceed to issue and sell them to a party or parties other than the Secretary ... "

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The lawfulness of the USPS is interesting, but I think the USPS is kind of stupid to begin with for much simpler reasons:

- Nobody gets much good mail. It's mostly an advertising service for corporations that is subsidized. Quite fascistic.

- It's ridiculous that we subsidize a group of uniformed people to march around everyday delivering a little pile of garbage to everybody's house. Between the paper and the fuel, you'd think the eco people would have a gripe.

- Why is letter-delivering a valid use of government? I'm not even sure we would have mail beyond package delivery if it was in the free market.

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I'm in total agreement and

competition in mail has historical examples of proven success. Perhaps I should amend my demands for nothing less than competition in justice and currency, to nothing less than competition in justice, currency, and mail. :)

The postal service has caught my attention for a different reason. The UPU (Universal Postal Union) and IMF (International Monetary Fund) are two core international policy making institutions for a new world order of global commerce to benefit an unjustly enriched elitist minority. Want to know why numbers on USPS stamps are in Roman Numerals? Read the UPU regulations which USPS is a member of. The unit of account for the UPU are SDR's which is the unit of account established by the IMF.

The United States Postal Service is

not the Post Office Department. No point in elaborating on the minutia of all that distinguishes one from the other or any specific acts of legislation because in relation to the grand scheme of modern tyrannies ... it's not that important.

However, if one is advocating any notion of limited constitutional government there is no excuse for those people being naive to any Congressional delegation of powers or responsibilities to the executive branch.