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Ben Swann Meets Occupy!

In this interview with Occupy Media, Ben Swann showcases his appeal across the entire political spectrum!



The truth brings us all to liberty!


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Bump for Ben!

Looking forward to the NH event!

Good tips on Journalism

Many DPers would find this info helpful in communicating even more effectively not just on this site but out on the ground as well.

Thanks for this post Zak!

1. Be accurate
2. Avoid biases.
3. Present multiple viewpoints or perspectives.
4. Pursue the truth.
5. Use factual data, yet develop people skills
6. Maintain community ties and "connect the dots"
7. Be open and transparent
8. Evoke emotion.
9. Think visually; have vision.
10. Integrate new developments and technology.

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


has it's feet firmly entrenched in the communist party. Take care... the NWO straddles both sides of the coin.

Disinfo shill

Oh look, it's Jill Booth, here like clockwork trying to make activists distrust one another over meaningless nonsense and hearsay. Why would the NWO be trying to boost a potentially uncontrollable populist movement? Maybe you should get a new job and stop straddling both sides of that government disinfo c*ck.

your comment is correct if

your comment is correct if you are a COLLECTIVIST. You are incorrect trying to label folks into one group. By your standards everyone on dp is an asshole because of posts like yours.

Ron Paul 2016

And I must be a Commie since

I myself spent time at Occupy SF and Austin! But then I've also been to Tea Parties and a mess of liberty events - and ya know what? The people I met at all three agree on much more than they disagree - Tea Partiers must be commies then!;p

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All the more important we get in and show our metal as proposed and work to flip them one toss at a time.