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Meet The Most Powerful Junior Republican In The House Of Representatives - Justin Amash

by Kate Nocera | July 22, 2013

Michigan libertarian Justin Amash is getting results in the House, and that may translate into a Senate bid.

Rep. Thomas Massie likes to joke that he calls his Michigan colleague Justin Amash “Mr. Speaker.”

Massie cast the sole vote for Amash for Speaker of the House back in January, and proudly wears a “LIBERTY” pin on his lapel — a gift from Amash — under his official member pin.

“He’s only got to get 217 more votes,” Massie said laughing.

While he may not be close to becoming Speaker of the House, Amash has slowly but surely become one of the more prominent Republicans in the rebellious wing of the House conference, as evidenced Monday when he effectively forced the actual Speaker of the House, John Boehner, to allow a vote on his amendment to partially defund the National Security Agency as part of the Department of Defense appropriations process.

The revelations that the NSA had been collecting the phone and Internet data of millions of Americans en masse has given Amash a prime opportunity to move forward with some of his most important priorities.