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Sen. Rand Paul at the 114th VFW National Convention 7/22/13

Senator Rand Paul addresses the 114th VFW National Convention. He spoke in front of several thousand veterans gathered in Louisville about the need for strong national defense, but questioned the current foreign policy of irrational offense in places like Egypt, Syria and Pakistan.

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hardcore stumping

I hope he did his research. Plenty applause there, so I'll leave it at that. I'm not a veteran. My father was, and I grew up hanging out at VFWs. Rand's fairly adept at tweaking his language to suit his audience. Had I attended the convention with my father, I'd have wished Rand to be more casual and jocular, less formal and cold, less political and nationalistic. I'd have been offended by "America's greatest resources, our veterans!", but I suppose my dad would have clapped.

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I think he had to be formal

It was an older, serious crowd. It seemed most of the folks agreed with his speech. I hope he can get the veterans and their families to support him in 2016 rather then supporting Jeb Bush, Santorum, or any of the other tools the GOP are going to try and push.

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