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The "Maverick" is "Back"

Here's a ridiculous article from the Atlantic Wire...the fun is in the comment section. Looks like the 'Ol Maverick isn't getting much love. lol.


"There are rumblings of a great hero's return in the Senate. An old legend has been dusted off after years spent lurking in the shadows, forgotten and abandoned in favor of newer, flashier political personas. After a long wait, people are calling Sen. John McCain the "maverick" again. "


Rob: "Only a braindead fool would think this monster is a maverick, then again this is from The Atlantic who called Ben Bernanke a hero for continuing the destruction of our dollar's value. "

Kat: "More like traitor. Sorry Sen. McCain. I respect your past contributions to our country and the fact you were a POW. However, what you are trying to do to our country now is deplorable"

Fred: "Get real - McCain is a loser. It is high time the voters of Arizona put him out to pasture - he is selling them and the American people down the river"

Jim: "mccain is NOT a mavrick, he is a TRAITOR and if he had any honor at all he would resign and go into hiding! "

Obsrver: "Any flatulence from BOzo would rupture McCain's ear drums! People of AZ please do us a favor and put this turn-coat out to pasture "

It goes on and on...

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