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This is Your Brain on Terrorism

Edward Snowden’s revelations about the federal government’s mass collection of phone records, emails, web browsing history and social media interactions have prompted a collective contemplation of a critical question: Should we surrender Constitutionally-enshrined liberties for the government’s promise of security against terror?

Unfortunately, our ability to reach a rational decision on this question is hampered by our humanity: While the homo sapiens brain has come a long way, it’s still wired to assess potential threats with emotion rather than reason. As a result, we’re susceptible to extreme exaggeration of the threat of terrorism and may be making a catastrophically bad bargain with our essential freedoms.

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I prefer to think of safety

I prefer to think of safety and national security in economic terms. How many extra basis points of safety and national security are we getting by having the NSA spy on everyone? I'd prefer to lose a few basis points of safety and keep my constitutional rights. I lose some basis points of fear from government employees in the process. So it's a win, win for me all around.


True. I don't think Americans really contemplate the trade-off.

All the bluster and drama aside, terrorism is actually a relatively small risk, and how much extra safety are we getting from what the government is doing?