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Barter with Gold and Silver Now!

First, a recent personal testimonial:
I was in need of a new vehicle and decided to search the classifieds. After a long search, I found the vehicle I wanted and contacted the private owner who had it listed for sale.

I asked the seller right off the bat if they'd be willing to consider accepting precious metals as all or part of the payment for the vehicle. Not only did they accept, but we had a great conversation and it became obvious to us both that we were awake and on the same wavelength. I made a new friend and got a new vehicle... and I did it with barter.

You never know. Why delay? Why wait until some supposed future event to begin trading with real, honest money? Put it out there and use it to find PEOPLE. People are what matters most and tools exist only to aid people.

I had yet another great trading experience and I'd urge all those who have not tried this yet, to please do it. Exercise your right to trade in lawful money. You'll feel good and make new friends too!

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It doesn't always go well...

I had two more experiences and both were negative. One person completely ignored me and the other actually responded in a very negative way. I guess they were both undead.

Sorry, that's not barter...

because gold is money.

Barter is actually a step backwards. Instead, we need to move forward in our understanding of 'what is money', that is all.

Contracts can specify precious metal or any service as payment.

As far as I know if there is a legal contract (A piece of paper with 2 people agreeing to an exchange, and perhaps a witness signature for safety.) payment can be anything. Hence why the state tax returns ask if you've bought anything you want to declare and pay use tax on. It's been around before the internet that the provision is in the NY tax code, I think.

Statism, but enforceable contracts!

(I am not a lawyer!)

Patent Pending Magnetic Pen Holder!

should be saving silver and

should be saving silver and gold ounces now. Use worthless paper fed notes now.

Is it fiction?

In all the horror stories, silver is always a useful weapon against monster and predators: the undead and shape shifters. There is real symbolism here. The reverse is true... break out some silver and it will act as the bat signal to find other true patriots. If you pull out a silver dollar and the person you are showing it to recoils in horror... you know they are the undead. On the other hand, if they start talking about the federal reserve, the NSA, and gun control, you know you found a new friend :)

Jeff Berwick at

Jeff Berwick at www.galtsgulchchile.com is accepting silver for lots...actually, even giving a discount for silver. 1.25 acre lots are $48,500 or 30 ounces of gold, or 1940 ounces of silver.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

I have a friend

who stacks silver too.
We are always making deals with ourselves and trying to get others to accept Silver as form of payment.
Although it may seem lame, I owe my grandmother some money. She is now taking silver as PART of her payment. Just great stuff. It keeps getting more and more fun.

Thanks for posting!

Ron brought the Liberty movement together, Rand is expanding the crap out of it! :)

Buy low sell high is the #1

Buy low sell high is the #1 rule of investing. With gold and silver valued so low, especially when compared to the money supply, now would be a time to accumulate gold and silver, not part with it. When gold goes north of $4,000, then it might be more prudent to barter for things which would be undervalued in a high interest rate economy, like real estate.


In pure FRN dollar value terms, I completely agree. The low price is helping. I can say to the seller, "silver has bottomed... now is the time to accept it". Keep in mind, this is for a trade with a person who has not bartered in silver before. A new market participant weaned off the expectation of 100% FRN transactions.

It is for this very reason of low price that transactions favor the seller and not the buyer. As the buyer, knowing this, I am intentionally creating a better deal for the seller than if they accepted FRNs. If the transaction is local, the silver stays in the local economy and since I have a new trading partner, they now have more silver to trade to others in the circle or back to me when I turn seller.

One way to minimize value loss on my side is to trade for things which will hold or increase in value themselves. The vehicle described by this article can be increased in value.

Another item of detail I left out of the article was how very pleased the seller was with silver. He had never bartered for metals before and was so happy about it, that he is allowing me to pluck whatever parts from his 4 parts vehicles to use to increase the value of the one I purchased from him.

When you treat good people who deserve it with respect and offer them real value or even better value than the transaction deserves, they will almost always attempt to add in extra stuff to help you out. This has happened a lot when the silver price is low. It is a great way to get to know trading partners and learn about their character and motivations.

Basically, I'm trying to look at the big picture and not focus on the individual transaction. By growing the number of useful market participants, especially locally, I'm acting in the capacity of a kind of market maker by injecting metals into transactions.

I have been doing this since 2006 and in that time, I've forged many trading relationships and each person who accepted or paid in silver in 2006 still does today. There are now many participants who I originally brought to the market that are now trading with each other. If I disappear, it no longer matters. The market is already self-perpetuating and those trading in metals with each other are also out increasing the number of participants.

Especially when the silver price is low, we don't want to sell. We want to 'keep it in the family'. I feel so happy and blessed that I have found such a wonderful trading family where I live. Next step is to form more long distance relationships, hence this post!

I'd agree, but there is a lot

I'd agree, but there is a lot of paper work in real estate, and the last thing you want is the government coming after your gold.

Ya, thanks for sharing! :D


Keep your eye on the prize! - Ending legal tender laws in order for the Federal Reserve System to self-destruct is of the upmost importance.
What in the World are They Spraying https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jf0khstYDLA

Thanks For Sharing That Exchange In Detail.

Now if we could convince another million or more people to follow your lead, we'll all be much better prepared for further loss of value of FRN's.