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diversifying liquid assets

If you had only $1000 to put into it, what is the best way to diversify a small store of liquid assets for a SHTF scenario where you need to get by for a short time if banks fail and all the virtual money in bank accounts disappears?

Paper dollars? Can be easily spent once the crash is over, if they are still of value.

Coins? Can be easily spent, as above. Are they different than dollars since they aren't printed by the Fed?

Gold coins? Heavily promoted as a good bet, but very expensive, and you might lose value if people flood the market with their gold when the crash happens.

Silver coins? Similar to gold but easier to spend in smaller denominations.

I plan on doing some mix of the above. I'm not talking about storing barter items like cigarettes, bullets, coffee, or other prepper procedures. I'm just talking about something close to money.

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