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How To Impeach Obama? Republicans Must First Win The Senate In 2014

It takes two thirds of Congress to impeach the president. Right now, republicans don't have the numbers to get the job done, but that could soon change.

How the Republicans could win big in the 2014 Senate elections


Republicans' chance to win back the United States Senate in 2014 are up. Analysts from Nate Silver to Sean Trende put the chances at just south to about 50% for Republicans to take the six seats necessary to gain 51 seats. Why are Republicans doing so well?

"In Senate elections, Republicans tend to do better thanks to rural areas being over-represented." -------- Full article linked above

Over-represented? As if dumb voters in big cities aren't over-represented? Living in a republic is about equal representation, not majority rule. Rural folks deserve the same representation as big city folks.

But what about all of us suburbanites? We don't live in the city, and we don't live in the boonies. Are we, 'over-represented,' too?

I digress...

All that matters is the last paragraph:

"What the math does mean, however, is that keeping all other things equal, the combination of the new Republican coalition and straight-ticket voting gives Republicans a big step-up in winning the Senate."

If republicans win the Senate majority, and maintains their majority control in the House (very likely), then I think we can all start talking about the I-President.

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You can't fix government with government.

Long time reader, first time poster.

You cannot "fix" government. By its very nature it will always be corrupt. For every action it takes it must steal from or harm an individual.

Obama isn't the problem. He's a face, a name and either a propaganda piece or a useless distraction depending on what "side" you're on.

When was the last time the Government grew smaller under any party? When was the last time they conceded any power? They don't.

By supporting either side you're supporting your enslavement.

What did Ron Paul accomplish while in Congress?


What has he accomplished outside of office?

He's spread his ideas to millions, and continues to do so.

Why would we impeach Obama?

Is that what we want to spend money on, knowing, that even if he was impeached, it wouldn't be for anything that would bring justice or correct the direction he went furthering Bush's efforts for a global government?

There will never be any impeachments...

... as long as psychopathic criminals are running the system.

The United States of America no longer exist as far as I'm concerned.


"The greatest mystery of all is truth." - Me, 2009

fireant's picture

Screw the Senate.

Our power is in the House, which controls the purse strings. Get the right people there and we can make OBarry wish he were impeached.
Having us chase down actions in the Senate, then the House, just keeps the ball moving and we can never catch it. It's one of the evils of the 17th Amendment. I'd be all for impeachment zooamerica, and if we could win back the Senate as things are I'm all for it. Making it a primary objective however, would distract from our utilizing the power we have in the House.

Undo what Wilson did

why bother?

You want Joe Biden in the Whitehouse?

One puppet the same as another. I'm fine with the one we've got.


If you're just, 'fine,' with

If you're just, 'fine,' with the puppet we've got, you've got a problem.

Do I want Joe Biden in the White House? Absolutely. Biden would be a symbolic representation of Obama's failed presidency. He is a gaffe prone machine! Do I want Biden to be president? Of course I do!


Never be afraid to ask simple questions.