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The Murder of Michael Hastings: WikiLeaks, Ed Snowden, Bradley Manning, Israel Shamir and WW3

WHY was Michael Hastings murdered?


Putin Is Using Snowden’s Information As Blackmail

Since the defection of Snowden to Russia, the war rhetoric has really slowed down. Why? What information could the Russians have which could be leveraged against the war intentions of the US and cause them to back down from attacking Syria and Iran? According to my source, Snowden’s information a game changer in the Middle East. I have been told that Snowden uncovered information which indicated at least one false flag attack, and maybe more, have been planned inside the United States and that martial law would be ushered in as a result by the end of 2013. Martial law is necessary because a currency change is coming and so is a third world war.

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Very interesting read. Connect the dots.

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Anything is plausible, also

Anything is plausible, also consider free energy devices now being demonstrated and the near admission of ET presence on our earth. 9/11 saw building turn to dust, no explosion, no fire alone can do that. New world order or not, those factors come into play in a concept envisioning martial law in the USA. Total population enslavement is possible, but not with the various armed citizenry and the internet. Sit back watch what's going on, and do not get so caught up in it.

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Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

defected? If snowden were


If snowden were holding PROOF of us government false flag operation, i gotta say my estimation of snowden would go down, as i believ it is a diservice to the american people not to inform them just WHAT kind of government they have, since i dont know for sure, and only have this to go by......i guess time will tell, and maybe reasons behind them, IF TRUE.....and they gotta be good ones.......AGAIN, if true