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MX2 Aerobatics - amazing cockpit video

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Intense ! Thanks for sharing.

Intense ! Thanks for sharing.

I enjoy these films a lot.

Also, too bad those other big birds are used to bring death, because otherwise their flight can be majestic too :


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You don't have to die to go to heaven.

This guy proves it. Thanks for posting.

yes my thoughts were similar

But along the lines of freedom. For that time that he was in the air, it looks like pure freedom.

Love it!

3 months ago I flew 3/4th's of the away across Amerika in a two seater not much bigger than this. (homebuilt Glasair) at one point I started to feel sick and my pilot friend said "you want to fly it?" When I asked why, he said because when you are in control you tend to get less sick. I flew all of the way across the midwest to Cheyenne Wyoming with only a 10 minute lesson, and I didn't lose my cookies. It really does make a difference when you are controlling the plane. I love airplanes!!! No TSA, carried my gun, no problems. How much longer will we have this kind of freedom?

BTW, the Glasair only burned about 7 gallons of fuel an hour and we cruised at about 160 MPH!!!

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