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Rand Paul in an Awkward Situation in Kentucky

Despite having already begun to launch (ridiculous) campaign ads against likely Democratic opponent Alison Lundergan Grimes, it now appears Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell may indeed face a rumored primary challenge for his Senate seat in 2014. The Daily Caller reports:

It looks like Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell is going to get a Republican primary challenger after all.

Louisville businessman Matt Bevin plans to kick off his campaign with eight stops across the Bluegrass state, starting Wednesday. He’s expected to campaign against McConnell from the right.

According to a media advisory, he plans to announce his intentions Wednesday for the Senate race at the Kentucky State Capitol in Frankfort. He’ll hold subsequent events in Newport and Louisville.

McConnell is a long time “big government” Republican, voting in favor of just about every awful bill that libertarians and genuine, small government conservatives have derided for years – TARP, NAFTA, No Child Left Behind, PATRIOT ACT, indefinite detention of Americans, et al. If you hate it, McConnell probably supported it.

Despite his horrendous record, McConnell has taken many steps in the last year in an attempt to avoid a “Tea Party” primary challenge from the right. Last year he hired Jesse Benton, Ron Paul’s former campaign manager, in an ill-advised maneuver to try to capture the grassroots. Perhaps McConnell hadn’t done his research, but Benton had drawn the ire of many of Ron Paul’s supporters for many reasons, up to and including allegations that he sabotaged Ron Paul’s 2012 Presidential Campaign.

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Rand must give full

Rand must give full endorsement to McConnell like he did for Romney. Like that's gonna change the informed minds like me. I voted for Obama.

Matt Bevin hasn't done

Matt Bevin hasn't done anything, he doesn't even go around the State of Kentucky. He's failed to appear at many Kentucky tea party type events. All he does is talk down McConnell, what is Matt Bevin for?

More Events Coming...

After today, we will have been at least seven stops in seven different cities for people to meet and greet with anyone in the tea party or Republican Party of Kentucky, or any citizen of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Matt Bevin has been at tea party rallies around the Commonwealth because I have personally seen him at those rallies, meetings, and protests. Keep in mind, before he declared his candidacy he does have nine children to help raise.

Now Rand will show his true colors as a puppet

Sold out to the NEOCON GOP.




I say no mercy

Rand Paul should go full board against this turncoat McConnell. We don't have time to play nice. Stick and move Rand.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

Maybe you missed...

Maybe you missed the part where Rand has already endorsed McConnell. There will be no "full board".

The question: Will Rand campaign for McConnell against this challenge? Maybe not unless it's close, but will MItch try to call in a favor if is?

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

Rand would be smart to help

Rand would be smart to help keep Mitch in office. Imagine President Paul calling in favors to his buddy and ally, the Senate Majority leader.


Rand will probably not support a primary challenger against a GOP incumbent. I'm not 100%, but I don't think his father ever did, either (when he was a sitting GOP Congressman).

Please.. we should stop

Please.. we should stop posting the nonsense politics of rand Paul on daily Paul.. all it does is aggravates me,.. for those who thinks Rand is playing a chess game to cozy up with the Neocons, and zionists... so that he may change the system once he becomes a president, stop this delusion, we know Rand for long enough, he is a neocon in libertarian cloak, you should make another website .. daily rand and praise him all you want


I think the NEOCON GOP pays shills to down vote and post coments to suport Rand Paul. I am in complete agreement with you. I would think that this will once and for all stop the bs about the chess game Rand will support his masters GOP NEOCONs, that is why they bought him out. He will sell any libertarian down the river after all he sold his own father and all the libertarian supporters of Ron Paul down the river when he BOLDLY endorsed Mitt Romney over his own fater. A kife in my back that day. Ill not forget it ever.


sorry sir

but if you don't like it, simply don't read it. When Rand is seen as leader of a "libertarian movement" in the Republican party, what he does in relation to that is indeed relevant to the advancement of liberty, particularly when he muddies the ideas.

Thanks for the feedback, but no I think i'll continue to keep a watchful eye on Paul the Lesser.

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

SteveMT's picture

Consistency or the lack thereof.

You could not pay me enough to endorse McConnell or previously Romney no matter what was offered in the future. Remember that McConnell actively campaigned against Rand Paul; McConnell supported everyone else, but Rand Paul in 2010. McConnell deserves nothing less than to be thrown-out of the Senate. He doesn't deserve any support from from Rand, IMO. This is the part of politics that I hate. I am not good about holding my nose and endorsing a Romney or now a Mitch McConnell. I understand the strategy and the political maneuvering involved, but with politics anything is possible including a future political knife-in-the-back. Rand has already committed himself to McConnell's support, so he should follow through and be consistent.....with this inconsistency.

Another reason why rand is shit.

McConnell is real trash and Rand Sold The People Out Paul endorse him. It just proves what kind of shit Rand is

Stand With True Libertarians! 2016
Fire Rand!


This is a tough situation for Rand. On one hand you finally have McConnell in your pocket, which let's be honest is superb and has helped bridge some gaps and get some good legislation through. On the other hand you have, what seems to be a real ally in Bevin philosophically.

It's a real risk to support Bevin, but it could pay off.
If he supports McConnell and Bevin wins, we win.
If he supports McConnell and Bevin loses, we neither win nor lose.
If he supports Bevin and McConnell wins, we lose.
How much support Bevin would gain from a Rand endorsement is an unknown.
The safe bet is on McConnell.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty."

Click Here To See The Candidates On The Record

Matt Bevin Republican Candidate for US Senate in Kentucky

This is the social network you tube link for Matt Bevin for US Senate first television ad: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjgbdVOZqyw

Candidate Comparison Between Matt Bevin & Mitch McConnell

This is a candidate comparison between Matt Bevin and Mitch McConnell for the 2014 US Senate race.

View live link here: https://mattbevin.com/2013/07/candidate-comparison/

Why would Rand back Matt?

Rand is too busy endorsing the Republican establishment. Matt seems too Libertarian for Rand!

Stand With True Libertarians! 20016
Fire Rand


Yeah, gosh... who should he pick. The minority leader who does what ever Rand tells him to do... or this other guy... what's his name again?


Rand should stick with

Rand should stick with McConnell, all the while highlighting how he has brought him around on issues like drones and hemp. He stays loyal and becomes the mentor of the mentor. Wow. Talk about a high road.

I could of sworn,

John McShame and Gomer Graham trade off as the Manority Leader, since they seem to be the ones pushing all the anit-American unconstitutional bills for the GOP. If Rand really wants to break from the pack, and show leadership qualities to the American people, he would go against the very weak Minority Leader. If he came out for the the challenger, and explained to the people of Kentucky, that he was hoping he could back McConnel, but his lack of leadership, by allowing many from the party to run over him taking us in the wrong direction, I have to do what's best for Kentucky and America, and back Matt Bevin. However, sorry to say, Rand hasn't shown to be a leader, by his siding with the establishment on many issues, playing the 'go along to get along' game.
People want to see a change in Washington, they want to see somebody stand against the establishment 'good ol boys club', that have proven time and time again, they aren't going to alter their Corporatist agendas and big government debt machine. Their approval rating of 7%, proves this empirical fact. Really, it all comes down to joining the establishment or joining with the People!

McConnell didn't endorse Rand

McConnell didn't endorse Rand so I hope he keeps that in mind if he's asked to stump.

I would seriously like to see

I would seriously like to see Mitch McConnell retire.


Rand Mitt Romney for president Paul can also be known as Rand Mitch McConnell for senate Paul.

Mitch McConnell - another man that epitomizes the worst of the worst of the political establishment that is the sworn enemy of everything we value - will be endorsed by Rand Paul. Worse, this will be done to the detriment of a candidate that may well be on our side. (Like his father?)

Of course it's just words. Of no importance. Once Rand fools the entire government/media/military industrial/bankster establishment into letting him be president he will restore our constitutional republic. Yay!

Political Reality

Rand has a promising career in the Senate. He is a freshman senator from the same state as the minority leader. Endorsing a primary challenger against the leader wouldn't get the challenger elected but it would be something the leader would remember and he would pay Rand back with interest. Rand did the right thing.

maybe he should act like a

maybe he should act like a clone of Ron Paul, that will get him elected, thrice.

No, I don't think it would get him elected

I don't think we have legitimate elections, but that's beside the point.

What Rand should do is focus on telling the truth. That is how we move forward.

Let me ask you something, were you awakened to Ron Paul's message because he was a double talking politician? Do you ultimately think a double talking politician can inspire people to make real sacrifices to resist the establishment?

I was not and I do not. I was looking for someone to tell the truth about our politics and our situation as a nation. I became awake and involved because I heard Ron telling the truth. That is how this movement came to be, through Ron's tireless and obvious commitment to truth and integrity.

The masses are still asleep. Politicians playing politics will not wake anyone up. Time is running out. Time to start getting real.