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Rand Paul in an Awkward Situation in Kentucky

Despite having already begun to launch (ridiculous) campaign ads against likely Democratic opponent Alison Lundergan Grimes, it now appears Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell may indeed face a rumored primary challenge for his Senate seat in 2014. The Daily Caller reports:

It looks like Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell is going to get a Republican primary challenger after all.

Louisville businessman Matt Bevin plans to kick off his campaign with eight stops across the Bluegrass state, starting Wednesday. He’s expected to campaign against McConnell from the right.

According to a media advisory, he plans to announce his intentions Wednesday for the Senate race at the Kentucky State Capitol in Frankfort. He’ll hold subsequent events in Newport and Louisville.

McConnell is a long time “big government” Republican, voting in favor of just about every awful bill that libertarians and genuine, small government conservatives have derided for years – TARP, NAFTA, No Child Left Behind, PATRIOT ACT, indefinite detention of Americans, et al. If you hate it, McConnell probably supported it.

Despite his horrendous record, McConnell has taken many steps in the last year in an attempt to avoid a “Tea Party” primary challenge from the right. Last year he hired Jesse Benton, Ron Paul’s former campaign manager, in an ill-advised maneuver to try to capture the grassroots. Perhaps McConnell hadn’t done his research, but Benton had drawn the ire of many of Ron Paul’s supporters for many reasons, up to and including allegations that he sabotaged Ron Paul’s 2012 Presidential Campaign.

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I agree with you! Rand is playing a political game. I suspect he will be an awesome president with a vicious veto pen!!

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

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Using JFK's approach may give Rand the same outcome

He may not want to take any long slow drives through Dallas.

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so we just need liberty people to move to KY

and get this POS McConnell out in the primary

I have 0 faith in defending

I have 0 faith in defending rand paul anymore. If he digs himself out of the shit hole he put himself into more power to him.

may the best liar win.

Ron Paul 2016

one step forward

two steps back rand paul. how do you stand with someone who can't stand still? who has now backed himself into a corner?

"McConnell is a long time “big government” Republican, voting in favor of just about every awful bill that libertarians and genuine, small government conservatives have derided for years – TARP, NAFTA, No Child Left Behind, PATRIOT ACT, indefinite detention of Americans, et al. If you hate it, McConnell probably supported it."

excellent column by the way.


Much appreciated!

*Advancing the Ideas of Liberty Daily*

Stand on principle.

If tptb really want Rand to win 2016, the money will be there. If they do not, a repeat of 2008 and 2012 will occur.

Standing on principle for our Constitutional Republic will earn Rand my vote. Otherwise, see ya, wouldn't want to be ya.

There is nothing 'awkward' about standing on principle. mcconnell needs to be OUSTED!

Meantime, local/state is the in-thing to do :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Principle is an empty sack when you have no foundation

Standing on principle means that you have something to LOSE, and despite that risk, you stand on principle.

When you have NOTHING to lose, principle does not apply.

Many here say they stand on principle, but they had NOTHING to lose. So what principle did they stand on?

Ron Paul needed the GOP nomination, and to get that, he needed REPUBLICANS.. many here NEVER joined the GOP, so what principle did they employ by not joining the GOP to help Ron win the nomination?

Ouch. No, No, No

Ron Paul standing on principle is what made him AND his son Rand popular. The FOUNDATION that RAND is standing on, is the FOUNDATION of standing on your principles! Ron Paul laid that foundation.

Not fake popularity like Rmoney, and Sanctorum, with the MSM lying and saying that Romney was the frontrunner, when he could barely get a few hundred supporters at his rallies. And Sanctorum barely a handful.

Dr. Paul got thousands & thousands of supporters everywhere he went. We all know the primaries and the convention was RIGGED, FIXED, STOLEN!

Iowa, Maine, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Nevada, Mass., Alaska, and I'm sure a lot more were completely STOLEN from the Ron Paul campaign.

The RNC ensured a fixed outcome with their rules changes and rule breaking. They also fixed votes, like the verbal vote on whether to change the number of states needed to nominate from the floor from 5 States to 8 states. We had 11 initially, they ripped us off of half our delegates, then we only had 7 States, but it was still enough, so the changed it o 8! Boehner - "In the opinion of the chair the 'ayes' have it." When the NOs! were at least 50% louder.

Was the RNC / GOP leadership standing on principle?!

If you are going to advocate playing along with the cheaters, at least have the honesty to outright say you're advocating playing along with the cheaters!

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

Back in 07 we didn't talk about principles

We talked about Ron Paul being THE EXCEPTION. He admitted, he ate lunch alone, no one in the GOP counted on him to side with them, they ignored hom, could care less how he voted. So many of us, I for sure, thought, I could be like Ron Paul. Well guess what? The GOP might not have cared what Ron Paul did, but they sure as hell cared about what hundreds of people taking committee seats were doing. So there was no way they were going to let us be Ron Paul and stay in the GOP. That's why there were broken bones, fights, and I had my own in my GOP.. they did not want me in their GOP, I had to fight for my seat.

Ron Paul needed hundres and hundreds of seated delegates and he did not have enough, that is why he lost.

Yes, the RNC was rigged, and if you like rigged RNC or don't care, then do nothing. I don't like rigged RNC and so I got a seat and I'm in to fight..I am not alone so Preibus and the sliencer better be ready because we are.

If you are going to do nothing about cheaters but leave them alone to cheat, don't cry about stolent elections.

Ive been talking principles since before I knew about Ron Paul..

And it was the principles that he stood on, that were the same consistent principles I had, that were the reason I (and many others) chose to support him.
I had never before supported any political candidate.

Apparently, you were already a loyal Republican capital 'R'.

It wasn't that he was the 'exception'. Obama was an 'exception' in a lot of ways too. It was Ron Paul's principles, and his refusal to compromise them, that was the reason for his explosive growth in support.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?

That would be incorrect

I joined the Libertarian Party in 1976, and remained until 1992 (I did not support Ron Paul in 88 as I saw him as a Republican who infiltrated our party, that had many fine Libertarians who, IMO, deserved the denomination. I was not happy with the way we were controlled, the in fighting, the "who's the narc" at meetings, the lack of debates, the constant struggle for ballot access, and I had discoved cannabis industrial hemp, and believed it was a solution fior many problems, where the Libertarians had turned against hemp and focused on medical cannabis, marijuana. I felt that marijuana was a slang word and did not belong in the courts, IF we were serious.

So I joined Ralph Nader in opening debates and ballot access, and he suggested I register, "Decline to State Party" (now known as No Party Preferance). I worked with Ralph Nader in three elections in two states, where we collected dozens of law suits,, in dozens of states, and lost every one except the ones that were dismissed, from 1992.

When Ron Paul made his Republican bid, I was NOT pleased with his being in the GOP. I met him in San Francisco in 2007, and begged him to go Indy, as by this time I had many connections. His manager, Kent Snyder told me to back off, that Ron had made his mind up about the GOP, so either join Ron Paul, or move on. I worked very hard for Ron Paul's campaign, but refused to join the GOP.

When Ron Paul made his second GOP bid, I registered Republican in 2011. I beame district team leader of NW CA, and achieved the third most primary votes for Ron Paul in CA. I became a national delegate when I petitioned, qualifed, and won my seat on my county's Republican Central Committee. They did not want me. They made it very difficult. I prevailed. I am now an elected officer in my county.

To me, principle means that even when things don't go the way you like, you stick with it. Which I have done in the GOP. This has turned my GOP from a Neocon GOP to a Liberty GOP.

Ron Paul has inspired me to do things I thought I would NEVER do, such as join the GOP and be elected to a committee. He is not a rock star to me, and has disappointed me, in that people like me, took some very hard blows, sacrified a lot, spent a lot of money, and then he let the GOP run over us, complimented them, and let them get away with robbing US, of a nominee.

I was not impressed how he forgot about Restoring the Republic and fighting for constitutional laws, when he fought to gain www.ronpaul.com (there are 22 Ron Paul's in the USA). He went to the international courts, where he lost.

Now he has a new business, filled with ex-CIA and government hacks, and his old racist friends, in the Ron Paul Institute. Will he back Rand? He once said he agreed with Rand 99%. I'm very curious to see what he will do, if anything.

I have had principles before I knew Ron Paul, who's message in the Ron paul rEVOLution was great. His brilliance of taking the GOP is the best political move of my life, despite the trials and tribulations, we have won.

I say what I see, and do not fear being wrong, as that is an opportunity to learn. I do what I say I'm going to do. I stand alone, do not seek to be a collective. There is a big difference between friendly and friend.

Ron Paul's "explosive" growth of support was not where he needed it, in the GOP. Those who joined the GOP I respect. Those who did not, I tolerate and don't trust to be mature enough to make the kind of sacrifices it takes to win.

It made me physically ill to join the GOP. I was afraid to go to my first GOP meeting. I felt played having to vote Romney (Not for Romney.. FOR my committee seat and the people who elected me hoping I would bring change to our GOP. And I have) And that is what principles are.

The rEVOLution was bigger than Ron Paul. If all you got is Ron Paul, you ain't got much.

I ADORE my Lord God Jesus Christ and he is the only person I TRUST.

I have no fear and will speak my truth, which is funny to those who agree with the truth the way I see it, and angers those who do not. I have no sympathy for liars, cheats, passive agressive frauds, and for what ever anyone thinks about me, My Lord God Jesus Christ LOVES me very very much, for I am most blessed, abundantly and constantly.

May the blessing of peace be with you.

In '07 Some of Us Talked Principles

....most of the time. Ron Paul was teaching us his 10 Principles of a Free Society that later became a book. There was "much" discussion about governance with principles. Yes, we acknowledged that he was an exception; however, we also recognized that his life end goal was to educate snd encourage others to stand a higher ground.

We noted and were impressed by his principled manner of debating with opponents or those wh disagreed. He never resorted to name calling or anger. When people on this forum acted less than "Ron Paul" with regard to religions or race or even differing opinions, they were called out in a principled manner.

But a lot of that has changed. Perhaps there were some who did not recognize that the underlying foundation of the Ron Paul phenomemon was all about principles and respect...sharing information and expressing opinions on issues rather than demanding agreement.

Sadly, a lot has changed.


I was not one of them

I'm slow.

It wasn't until the next election that I caught on, and they had nothing to do with registering Republican or being a delegate which is the personal battle I was facing then http://www.lewrockwell.com/lrc-blog/the-ten-principles-of-a-...

You are still slow, and very prolific!

That's why I think you are a 'used' vehicle here on DP.

And you are doing a great job!

((((PAF)))) I NEVER BACKED Romney

Because of MY principles, which was to do as RON PAUL asked, take the GOP, because Ron Paul, Rand Paul, and Justin Amash CAN NOT TAKE THE GOP WITHOUT INSIDE SUPPORT, I KEPT THE LOYALTY OATH I SIGNED TO BE A NATIONAL DELEGATE FOR RON PAUL, WHO WAS APPARENTLY NOT GOING TO WIN WHEN RAND ENDORSED Romney, and remained on the MCRCC, elected by my community that WANTS A LIBERTY COMMITTEE, by pinching my nose and giving Romney a vote, because the SOS CA FORCED ME by listing Romney AS THE NOMINEE.

IF I had NO principles, I would have QUIT.

Having principles means that you do not QUIT when things don't go your way. When you make a committment, as I did by signing that oath, BECAUSE THAT IS THE ONLY WAY TO GIVE RON PAUL THE NOMINATION IN CA, I stayed in the GOP and helped to establish a LIBERTY COMMITTEE which is what those who elected me WANT.

I'm in this far more than an election.

You continue to TWIST my situation in an attempt to punish me for having principles.

I believe there are many FRIENDLY PEOPLE, who I do not confuse with FRIENDS. Friends don't knock friends when they don't agree, they support you, not publically hang you.

I am FRIENDLY with many people who I do not agree.. I do not hold them to the honor of being my FRIEND. When someone tells me that they are my FRIEND, then I expect them to behave as a friend, disagree with me all you like, but NEVER publically knock me, that is crossing the line, and there is no friendship, nor reason to be friendly. Even my enemies do not publically knock me (I knock back).

Backing Romney would have meant that I contributed to his campaign, became a national delegate for him and stood for Romney. I NEVER did any of those things. I NEVER BACKED ROMNEY.

I did far more than what I would ever do FOR Ron Paul. I joined the GOP FOR RON PAUL. I joined a committee FOR RON PAUL. I became a team leader for Ron Paul's campaign FOR RON PAUL. I became a national delegate FOR RON PAUL, I signed loyatly oaths FOR RON PAUL. I spent thousand of dollars in supporting RON PAUL and those who supported RON PAUL. How you figure I backed Rombney is a mean game with NO TRUTH, not only is it not being a friebnd, it's not even friendly.

A very, very wise man once said:

"Why support something if it's for the wrong reason." - RP

Here is the flaw in your logic, Granger: As a Ron Paul delegate, you signed a 'loyalty' oath to support and vote romney.

So to work your way up to God and heaven, some fallen angel who has 'power' on a corrupted earth requires you to sign a 'loyalty' oath to the devil. That way you can 'work' within the system of corruption to embark upon the Pearly Gates.

The world is what you make of it. You made your bed. Now sleep in it.

Consider this 'tough love'.

Oh, and I have one question for you: should Rand support mcconell/corruption and lead the voting public astray? Or should he educate the people for the sake of our Republic and future elections by standing on solid principle?

This would be my answer to the question that I raised: A 'loyalty' oath to the devil? Take a freaking hike and go to he||!

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Granger honors their oath...

... last I checked that wasn't a bad thing... especially when your working hard to attain Ron Paul's goal all along, to reform the GOP and turn it into liberty loving republicans. Your attack on Granger is lame and is based on faulty logic.

We need to get an early start on 2016: Support Rand PAC 2016



You'll need

You'll need much bigger teeth than that snake has to make an attack against me lol

Granger and I have an understanding. What that understanding is, I am still trying figure out ;-)

Daniel, just a heads up, I may not be correct all of the time, but my logic is never faulty. I think even Granger will back me on that :-)

Plus, Granger is a girl, not a their!

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


... I was mad yesterday. I'm glad you and Granger have an understanding. I just think it is wrong to challenge her on everything she does. I hate the down-voters...

We need to get an early start on 2016: Support Rand PAC 2016



And a very twisted man, twists his words.

I had no choice. To be a delegate for Ron Paul THERE WAS NO CHOICE but to sign the loyalty oath.

Now I could have been like you and NOT been a delegate, said it was because I have principles to do NOTHING but Talk the talk, and refuse to walk the talk, and then damn those who walked the talk, because you really thought Ron Paul could win without GOP nominations? Because you thought Ron Paul was joking about needing delegates? Because you thought the GOP is great the way it is?

I made my bed, you're damn right, I have a LIBERTY GOP COMMITTEE and I sleep just fine, thank you very much. What have you got? Insults? Twists on Ron Paul's words to suit yourself? And as for Amash.. you're a promoter.. but YOU will NOT be helping him IN THE GOP where he also has his bed.

I consider it chicken, and you lay lots of eggs, and toss rotten ones.

Yes, I think Rand should support McConnell, because McConnell helped Rand with support for KENTUCKY's SOVREIGNITY passing HEMP legislation, which will economically HELP Kentucky. As far as the voting public, YOU lead them astray with your lack of commmittment and audacity to sit in the hen house acting like a cock, crowing much ado about eggs. YOU have NOTHING to do with Kentucky, Michegan or even your own state's GOP. You're the one who works hard to disenfrancise voters.

Right, after you petition for weeks as a Ron Paul Republican, get signatures and support from your neighbors, the businesses in your area, the hospital, and you have everyone full of HOPE, that there will be a CHANGE TO THE GOP because you are going to challange the GOP that exists.. once the county clerk tells you to collect your seat you need to sign loyalty oaths, you tell your local government, "Take a freaking hike and go to hell!" And then you tell all those people who you knocked on doors, called up, registered GOP to vote for Ron Paul, what? "I decided to not get a seat afterall. I like the GOP just the way it is, don't want to change a think, I'll write in Ron Paul, because my principles are if you can't do it my way, I'm leaving."?

I'm sure they would all be really impressed, NOT.

Do what you want.. after all that bed you've got, is NOTHING but wind with the stench of rotton eggs.

But you walked the walk for Romney!

That was the whole point of signing that "loyalty oath" was it not?

Signing away your 'sovereignty' as a delegate and promising you'd vote for Romney. How does that help Ron Paul or Liberty?

McConnell is not on our side. Really. Have you seen the guy's voting record? So what he supported legalizing Hemp in KY (not marijuana), big deal. He should support that anyway, everyone should. Does that counter-act his votes on the Patriot Act, and NDAA 2012?

If I were Rand Paul I would use this opportunity to sort of leverage McConnell to make concessions to the Liberty movement, on some key issues. Maybe... MAYBE then, would I consider supporting Mitch, if I were Rand. But he would have to make some big promises... Publicly... and would have to be very convincing.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?


The point of signing the loyalty oath was to be a delegate for Ron Paul, because his campaign selcted his delegates, Romney selected his delegates., and you had to be seated to be selected.

I'm on this list http://www.sos.ca.gov/elections/statewide-elections/2012-pri...

I never promised to vote for Romney. After the primary election, the Sec of State declared Romney THE GOP nominee. I protested, our election was in June, the RNC wasn't until August. I got in FOR Ron Paul. Ron Paul lost, and that is not my fault. I decided to not quit because my community hoped that there was a futre not a flash in the pan.

So McConnell isn't 100% on OUR side. I wasn't 100% for Ron Paul when I got in. I had to study Ron paul because I had no iidea what he was talking about Austrain Economics? Blow back? End the Fed? I refused to join the GOP in 07/08 because I didn't get it.

Industrail hemp was my issue since 1993. I was a one issue voter for decades because of all the conservation/environmental work I did.. hemp was the solution.

How many elected are against the Patriot act? I think McCinnell helps Rand with those who don't like Rand more than Rand helps McConnell since we are a minority in the GOP when it comes to POWER. We have many people on the floor, but last CA convention, I was the only one in the golden circle leadership.. we need at least 55 in there by this fall and the CA GOP isn't going to help.

I think folks need to start joining the GOP and getting involved so Rand looks like he has more support than sign wavers.

"Loyalty Oaths" in party politics have no standing in law...

...if you READ the statute for your state, I'll bet $100 that it says delegates will use a "best effort" to vote for the winner of the primary.

So, were I a delegate who signed a loyalty oath, I would have made a "best effort" to vote for Romney, failed, and therefore cast my vote for Ron Paul.


BOY! Do I wish THAT was TRUE

TO become a delegate, I needed to get on MY COUNTY GOP Central Committee BECAUSE RON PAUL CHOSE THE GOP.

To get on the committee, I had to PETITION FOR BALLOT ACCESS, meaning, I had to campaign, which I did as a RON PAUL REPUBLICAN.

Once I collected the signatures and QUALIFIED with the COUNTY, I received a NOTICE from the COUNTY CLERK asking me to come in to sign forms.


Those forms:

Oath to the USA Constitution Articl 20 sec 3 http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/.const/.article_20

Forms for filing as a candidate in my county where my elected seat is http://www.co.mendocino.ca.us/acr/pdf/2013_Candidate_packet_...

Sect 335 http://law.onecle.com/california/elections/index.html

I did everything I could to get RON PAUL the nomination, and the ONLY regret I have, is not doing it in 07/08!!!!!

You didn't address what I posted.

I said loyalty oaths IN PARTY POLITICS have no standing in law, which is s true statement.

Under penalty of perjugy

When you are standing at the county clerks office, and you are told by the county clerk to sign these papers, and with each paper, you raise your right hand, and have two witnesses who sign your papers, you do it, unless you have a statement from an attorney, and are prepared, which I was not, because I had NO idea that I had to sign any oaths. I did what I was instrcuted to do because I had ONE THING ON MY MIND: GET RON PAUL THE NOMINATION.

I read on DP plenty of people who said they would take a bullet for Ron Paul. I didn't go that far, and I don't know anyone who did, but I went one hell of a lot further than anyone, but maybe TWO DP posters, who I believe, that told me they are on committees.

If you are not an elections attorney, or unless you have prepared papers and are willing to go and TEACH people, which Ron Paul and his campaign did not, Campign for Liberty may have, but the meetings were 250 miles away, and no way I could attend them being I was team leader for the NW CA State and was already traveling between four counties, then your challenge to me is for what purpose?

Were you a delegate for RON PAUL?

Like I said, I HAVE NO REGRETS except that I did not join the GOP in 07/08 when Ron Paul personally asked me to.

I regret THAT.

What did you do? You KNOW so much. What did YOU do to get RON PAUL the nomination?

Which county forms did you sign that were an oath to support ...

....Mitt Romney.

Please do not dissimilate with me. It's a specific question.

Which COUNTY GOVERNMENT forms did you sign that were an oath to support MITT ROMNEY?

I did not ask what county PARTY.

Now, second question. Which PARTY documents did you sign that were an oath to support Mitt Romney?


I'm not getting your point

Why don't you answer my questions? What's your point? There are no specific links, I'm sorry. If you choose to not believe me, that is your prevledge.


The GOP is established on several levels. You have a NATIONAL GOP, they have a convention you may know as the RNC = Republican National Convention, they have By-Laws.

CA has two conventions a year, they have their own BY-LAWS, and in CA http://cagop.org/inner.asp?z=5856 (there is nothing on the page as they are rewritting the by-laws). It was on that page, that every county supports in their by-laws.

Each County has a Central Committee with By Laws, and we are writting our by-laws.. these by-laws are FiLED with the state and the county. The county clerk had me sign an oath to these by-laws, which state that I will support the winner fo the primary election.

1. Sign a loyalty to uphold the Constitution
2. Sign a loyalty to CA GOP By-laws which says after the primary election you must support the winner.
2. sign a 470, will not commit perjury

Why not call your county clerk and ask questions for specific answers to your county GOP?