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*Primary Challenge* Who wants to help a true liberty candidate defeat John Kline in CD2?

For those who haven't heard, David Gerson will be challenging John Kline during the primary in 2014. John Kline has been dishonest about his voting record, claiming to support small government and lower taxes, while repeatedly voting for bigger government, wasteful budgets, and inflated legislation that increases the federal deficit.

If you would like to learn more about David Gerson, click here:

For a list of John Kline's most egregious votes, click here:

If you want to know where MN CD2 is located, click here:

If you live in Minnesota's 2nd congressional district, and would like to help support David's campaign in any way please like his facebook page, and send a message saying that you would like to be involved. The people who operate that page can put you in touch with your precinct captain, who is busy identifying liberty people in your neighborhood.

If you would like to follow David on twitter:

We appreciate any support you are able to give.

For Liberty!

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Norvegian Bump

bump vor vreeing dee Norvegians in Minnizota :)


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